Wick Court Farm – Friday!

As a rather delayed time, our first group of farmers to visit Wick Court Farm have made up for lost time. Everyone has settled in well, met the animals they will be looking after and more importantly, eaten a hearty supper! Hopefully they also sleep well in the quiet countryside ready for a busy day tomorrow!

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A Gardening Masterclass from Blue Peter Gardener, Chris Collins

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Two representatives from gardening club recently joined Chris Collins, the blue peter gardener for a masterclass on growing fruit and vegetables. The workshop took place at Borough Market as part of a training day for gardening club on both gardening from seed ( much cheaper than buying in young plants) and on the skills of market trading.

As you can probably see, the garden is blossoming under the gardening club led by Mrs Jamois and fruit is slowly appearing. We are looking forward to welcoming Chris back the Charles Dickens Primary School on 11th June to benefit from his advice on our garden!

Stars of the Week

Well done to all of our brilliant Stars of the Week and Friends of the Week. Congratulations go to the Blue Unicorns again – you are on a roll!
Thank you also to Liz who not only brought in her Waste Bus but who also went through her rubbish bin during assembly. We helped her to decide if we should recycle or reuse any of the things she had thrown away. We reused the yoghurt pot for pencils, recycled the cardboard, composted the banana skin and did decide to throw the nappy away.

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