Day 2 at the Farm!

This morning, I was awoken in quite a different way to everybody at the farm! No cockerels or roosters here, just my iPad, wildly pinging with notifications of pictures being sent from Mrs Worley and Mrs Taylor of the jobs the children have already done before breakfast!

These jobs included feeding the animals and clearing out the pens, collecting eggs and a very smelly job called ‘feeding the dragon’ (ask more about that when the children return).

Everybody is having a wonderful time and have lots more activities to look forward to.

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Day 1 at The Farm

Good evening everyone! We have received news and photos from everybody at the farm to let us know they have arrived safely. We can see from the pictures that the children have been very busy from the outset and I’m sure we’ll hear much more about what they have been up to very soon.

For the meantime, enjoy a little photo gallery of the activities so far!

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