Pig Weighing and Chicken Farming

Yesterday afternoon our intrepid farmers had a go a weighing pigs ready for market – weighing the pigs was easy but getting the pigs onto the scales using pig boards was altogether more challenging. We laughed ALOT!

Today we are visiting the nearby chicken farms in our chicken farmer outfits. The chickens are kept in open barns for their eggs and are very friendly. Some of the children became landing perches and lots more enjoyed holding the chickens. I wonder if Mrs Buchanan will mind if we bring a few back to live with us.

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One thought on “Pig Weighing and Chicken Farming

  1. It is a good fun seeing you guys feeding the animals with tender loving care. You are all doing a fantastic job but hi guys, do not over feed the animals with love. Lol. Look after your selves guys & enjoy the remaining days of ur trip. Love you all and God bless.

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