Film Club – 10th May All Ks2 pupils welcome!


The Princes’ Quest

Azur and Asmar both go on a quest to find the Djin Fairy…

Thank you so much to Shaimaa and Mummy for letting us share this
beautiful animation film from Michel Ocelot, who directed Kirikou.
It has realistic drawings of flora and fauna in gorgeous colours.
And thank you to Mosshin for translating some of the Arabic dialogue
for us and explaining lots about North African culture.

We have seen the first half of the film and will watch the second half
on Thursday 10th May.
Dean said, “We’ve left it on a cliffhanger! We’ll have to come back
next week.”

Other FILMCLUB news:We had a visit from Mary from FILMCLUB HQ.She was very impressed with the quality of our responses to the film.
Mary also gave us new FILMCLUB wristbands. We have prizes for everyone who can find out which film the wristband quotes come from.

6 thoughts on “Film Club – 10th May All Ks2 pupils welcome!

  1. I love this film so last time when Miss Stone left on a cliffhanger i was miserable! I hope we watch a movie like this again.

  2. i love this movie, as it is made by the same people who wrote kirikou and kirikou was a great movie. I told my parents about it so they looked it up and it was the best african movie they have seen, so i supose this one is the best as it is made by the same person.

  3. I liked this flim because it was vey intresting and i hate when the girl in white took the boy in red.

  4. I enjoyed watching this film again because I hadn’t watched this film for a long time!
    I was interested in the arrabic because I understood it and I told the others what people were saying

  5. I like the film because i never knew that the gin fairy would mary Azmar and the all fairy would mary Azur.The fiml is really cool and i would wach it again and i would vote it a 5 star!!! I would recomend it to my friends.BRILIANT!!!!

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