Planning for Lant Street – A letter to parents!

Planning for Lant Street

Dear Parents and Friends of the school

Sadly, our planning application to landscape the remaining portion of Lant Street and create a multi-use sports area for the school has been held up.  We were hoping to complete the work this term, so that the children would be able to have PE in school from next term rather than going to Mint Street park.

There were 8 objections sent in by local residents once again asking for pedestrian access through the school.

Even so, the planning officer recommended approval of the application.  So why was it not approved?

Two Liberal Democrat councillors in our ward, Councillor Geoffrey Thornton and Cllr David Noakes, have proposed that our plans go to the planning committee on October 2nd.  We will be making our case strongly at that meeting, as we want the children at Charles Dickens to benefit fully from our exciting plans for the outside space as soon as possible.

How can you help?

Even though the official consultation time has passed, you can email letters of support for this landscaping as soon as possible this week to .  Your email subject should be: Application reference: 12-AP-1547 Extension of Playground for Charles Dickens Primary School

Or by post to:


Planning Applications

DM and BC

LB Southwark

PO Box 64529

London SE1P 5LX

Too often, it is only those who oppose whose voices are heard, and it is so important that parents at the school tell the Council how you feel our plans will benefit your child. It would also be helpful if you could copy your emails to the following people:

Cllr David Noakes and Cllr Thornton (the local Lib Dem councillors who have called our plans to committee)

If you want to help but would like more information /support with the letters, please speak to staff/parent governors in the playground, or pop in to the office.  Following is an example of what you might write, but it’s best of all in your own words.

Full details of our plans for Lant St are on the wall outside the Office.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs de Quincey   Mrs Buchanan   Charles Dickens Governing Body

Example email:

Application reference: 12-AP-1547 Extension of Playground for Charles Dickens Primary School

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to give my support to the above application.  My child attends Charles Dickens Primary School and all the children there will benefit from a bigger area for sports and outside activities.  At the moment, they have to walk to Mint St Park for PE and would benefit so much from more space within the school.

Please approve this application so that the school does not have to delay any further its plans to complete the development of Lant Street.  We have waited long enough.

Yours sincerely

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