CSI Week – The Great Diamond Mystery!

Throughout last week, our children had the opportunity to become expert Crime Scene Investigators, by helping our local police officers solve the mystery of the stolen Charles Dickens Diamond.

Nursery and Reception classes joined in the fun by searching for footprints and getting suited-up as forensic scientists to investigate the crime scene.

Year 1/2 transformed into fingerprint analysts and chromatographers (to identify whose pen had written a shopping list found at the scene).

Year 3/4 discovered the intricacies of DNA which saw them creating their own giant molecules from marshmallows and liquorice lace. Year 5/6 made careful observations of blood and fabric samples, using microscopes borrowed from Dulwich College science department, and were treated to a talk from one of our reception class’ parents, Katia Mahn, who taught them all about DNA and it’s uses in criminology.

We also had a visit from Andy Mayer, our governor responsible for science, who talked to the children about his work in chemical manufacturing at BASF, as well as a visit from Joyce Chang, a Scene of Crimes Officer from the Met Police, who demonstrated the art of collecting fingerprints from a crime scene.

Both children and teachers were so wrapped up in their investigations and collected so much evidence that, by Friday, we were able to name the culprit as… Miss Sumner! However, following her arrest, we all learnt that she was not as guilty as we had all been lead to believe… She revealed that the whole week had been set up by Miss Chapleo, to form this year’s Science Week! So the Charles Dickens Diamond is safe again… Thank goodness for that!

A special thank you to the talented Miss Chapleo for leading such an fun and science packed week.

Here is the video which introduced the CSI week to the school.

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