School Council Minutes ‘Calling all Scientists’- 6/1/12

School Council Challenge

Miss Chapleo has set the school council a challenge! She would like lots of scientists to come into school during Science Week (starts Monday 12th March).

Who could we invite? The school council are going to take suggestions from their classes.

There are lots of people who are scientists and the school council also pointed out that there are lots of professions where you use science. Here are some of the jobs that we thought of but there are many more – perhaps you have some ideas!

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Gardeners/ Botanists
  • Farmers – agricultural sciences
  • Astronauts (wishful thinking we know)
  • Chefs – food scientists
  • Athletes – sports scientists
  • Footballers – have nutritionists, physiotherapists etc
  • Student Scientists

If you know anybody who does any of these jobs, perhaps you could ask them if they would like to visit a class or (bravely) the whole school, during science week. Please can you email the office their details :

Or bring in their contact details (telephone number or email address)into the school office so we can arrange for them to come in.

Thank you

School Council

PS: have you seen the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on the BBC – all about the brain and so interesting – perfect if you are in year 5/6 and above.

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