Thank to all the boys and girls who brought in their favourite book to share with the school yesterday. We were straining under the weight of Roald Dahl books, Harry Potter and The Gruffalo. It was very lovely to see so many children clutching battered and well loved copies of books that had clearly been passed down through the generations.

The highlight of the day was ‘story sharing’ when all the teachers read from their favourite books an the children chose which book reading to go to. The picture below tell the story of Year 6 and Nursery children equally enthralled by classic favourites!  We will be displaying all the children and their book recommendations around the school over the coming weeks.

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One thought on “I LOVE READING day

  1. Everyone loves to read in Charles Dickens Primary School, It’s the best part to learn WE ALL LOVE READING.
    It’s helps us to learn and discover more words in books, It’s my favourite bit in the the school Reading. :).

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