‘Roar’ Year 5 and 6 Choir – Southwark Vocal Magic Rehearsals

On Friday, come and enjoy the explosive force of nearly 300 Southwark students coming together to share inspirational songs, our year 5 and 6 choir have been rehearsing with the inspirational Mark De Lisser and wonderfully talented singers from Singology.

Here is a quick glimpse into our recent rehearsals!

Building on the legacy of Southwark Splash, the concert is the result of a series of in-school workshops coordinated by All About The Music and artistic direction comes from vocal leader Mark De Lisser and his vocal tutor team. Mark De Lisser is one of the vocal coaches from The Voice and he led the ACM Gospel choir who reached the semi finals of ‘Last Choir Standing’.

tickets cost £4 directly from the Southbank Centre if you have not bought them directly from Mrs Rhys Evans.


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