Stars, Friends, Gardeners of the week – plus the lining up award and ‘Top Table’

Well done to all our wonderful Stars of the Week this week! It was fantastic to hear that so many of you have been putting in 100% effort during learning time. Our Friends of the Week were also celebrated for the extra kindness that they have shown during playtimes. All the children were also excited to learn about who had been chosen to sit at the Top Table on Friday! Well done to the people who were chosen. You have been demonstrating excellent behaviour in the dinner hall by remembering your manners and eating up all your food. This week the lining up award goes to Pickwick Class! Well done Pickwick Class for showing the rest of the class how fantastic you are at lining up and walking sensibly around the school. Finally our gardeners have won an award! They were given rosettes for the hard work and effort they have put into taking care of the garden. They have helped to grow many different types of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The garden is looking great. Well done!

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