What a lovely Frost Fair again this year!

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Thanks so much all of you who came and enjoyed yourself yesterday! It was very clear that a lot of people were having a lovely time – brilliant fun and lots of lovely things to eat.

Special thanks to each and every one who helped do all the things needed to make the Fair a success before during and after!
Science corner organised by  Katia and Mark was great – dry ice and washing up liquid volcanoes were fun, and lots of slime too…

Santa had a fan club of devoted children, and his helpers took lots of great present to donate to  ‘ Action for Refugees in Lewisham’. Each child had their picture taken too – so watch out for those soon. Thanks to the elves that organised this (Jay, Diana, David, Apple, Rachel et al.)

Nadia made her brilliant Bake Off idea happen, and even managed to persuade Mr Konditor & Cook himself – Gerhard – to come and judge the entries. Moroccan pastries and white chocolate wreath cake won, adn I can vouch for them both being very worthy winners of a Curly Wurly cake.

Kam made a meticulously constructed origami snowman and we want to know who guessed the number of pieces in it?

Hannah made her lovely snow scene again and we managed to persuade MP Simon Hughes and Chair of Governors Nic Nichol to pose on the sledge!

Shane and Olivia made a brilliant enormous Santa puzzle and had times puzzling by all ages – who was the fastest? (let us know)

Teams of volunteers again found wonderful prizes for the raffle – which was announced by Simon Hughes.

Jay and Apple organised another great self portrait effort of two different printed bags. We still have some and they are for sale via the PTA

We must say how wonderful the CD recorded by the school was – there are some really touching moments form all classes in the school. The brainchild of Miss Gemmel and produced by parent Nico – who we are most grateful to!

Thanks go to Malcolm for his help with the money and floats; Diana for her gingerbread, Fran the Jam,  Paola, Rebecca, Laura, Simon, Mrs Buchanan, Latifa, Sam, Paula, Rathna, Matty, Hayley, Laura, and a massive cast of teachers parents, and family members who all helped out.

Special thanks to the staff who came in to make it happen  – Alec, Alison, Mark, and all the other staff who gave up your time.

We must raise a special round of applause to Miss Gemmel who has been a devoted force of nature the last few weeks, a veritable whirlwind!

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