Mad Science!

The whole school was treated to an action-packed, educational science assembly today. The wonderful and wacky team from Mad Science taught the children about the molecular structure of the three states of matter, the force of gravity, and the power of the vortex! The children left the assembly buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm for the subject.

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Stars of the Week!

Congratulations to our wonderful stars and friends of the week. In the first stars of the week assembly in 2018 these children really impressed their teachers with their dedication and positive attitude to learning. Keep up the great work everyone!

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Also congratulations to our reading certificate winners who have really been making use of the school’s fantastic library.

Frost Fair

The children, parents and carers, and staff of Charles Dickens Primary School came together yesterday to enjoy the annual Frost Fair. The event was jam-packed and those who attended enjoyed Christmas songs sung by the choir, face painting, lots of seasonal games, and a multitude of food stalls. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we raised lots of money for the school (total to be announced).

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We Are A Top 100 School!

The league tables for England were published today. The Daily Telegraph have compiled a list of the top 1000 schools in the England and we are delighted to feature at number 78 out of 20,840 primary schools. 

We did exceptionally well with attainment at both the expected standard and the ‘higher standard’ in English and Maths in key stage two tests.

We were also delighted to be identified as the highest performing school in Southwark for children attaining the higher standard in reading, writing and maths and when combined with expected attainment. 

We are also the highest performing school in Southwark for maths overall. In fact, across England, there are only 16 schools with higher overall average performance for maths than us.

Here are the government league tables which can be filtered to help you compare schools in Southwark and beyond.

Compare School Performance League tables 


Health Warning! 
As with all statistics, comparing very different schools isn’t always helpful. Many of the schools in the top 50 are very small schools with less than 15 pupils in year 6 or they are schools with very different intakes to ours. 

It is also worth remembering that learning progress is equally, if not more important and some schools have stronger progress outcomes but less impressive attainment because pupils have had lower starting points at the end of key stage one. The ideal combination is great progress and attainment ( again far harder from a lower start or if the children have additional needs ).Our year 6 group of pupils last year were unusual in that over 50% had an additional need such as dyslexia, social skills or other learning difficulties to overcome!