Peggotty Class Assembly

Today the school had the pleasure of enjoying the first class assembly of the year. Peggotty class really delivered with a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and confidence. Parents and children were treated to a performance that involved Music, French, Humanities, P.E. and even Maths! Well done to everyone involved!

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International Sharing Afternoon

It was wonderful to see so many of you yesterday at our international food celebration. The PTA members and our governors did a superb job of inspiring you all to make and bake. As a result the food on sale was truly delicious.

Thank you if you cooked, donned blue gloves to serve, helped set up and importantly came along to buy and hang out. We are hoping to have raised in the region of £400 for our computer suite and we shall exact amounts by next week.

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Year Six Leavers’ Disco

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Last night, we celebrated our brilliant Year Six pupils at their Year Six Leavers’ disco! The children dressed in their finery and celebrated with a feast of food, kindly provided by the parents, before dancing the night away! Today, we will say goodbye to them at the Leavers’ Assembly, which is always emotional! The children have made us proud throughout their time at Charles Dickens and we know that they will go on to do great things. Good bye and good luck, Year Six!

French Day 2017

The whole school turned bleu, blanc, rouge on Friday 14th for Bastille Day!

Little Dorrit and Gargery learnt about the Eiffel Tower and the famous Bastille Day firework which happens there every year. Children had a chance to design their own Eiffel Tower firework and take it home! Reception children learnt about Paris with Barnaby bear and wrote postcards “from Paris”! They also worked really hard decorating their classrooms with beautiful buntings and big “Bastille Day” banner.

The year one and two children did 3 workshops: an art workshop, discovering the paintings of the Impressionist Claude Monet and reconstituting their own versions! They also did a Geography workshop, learning about different cities and food speciality from each region. At the end, they drew in their paper plate which dish they would love to try! Finally, each class did a quiz based on all the songs they learnt during the year, producing a beautiful “accordion of learning” ! They looked great! Special mention to Mr Oxenham and Mr Paul who organised a baked camembert tasting for their class!

The year three and four children rotated around 4 workshops. They got to discover the city of Paris through the very fun movie Ratatouille with Miss Spears, learning about Paris’ sewers, bridges and river! With Miss Fareeda, children were taken for a tour around the world of all Francophones countries, playing two different board games and giant puzzles! Mr Young held a workshop on the origins of Bastille Day itself, through a board game, children learnt about “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” and the very unequal society which gave ground to the revolution. With Mr Cannock, the children learnt about a very special group of men in Congo who called themselves “Sapeurs”. They are members of the “Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People”. Their movement embodies the elegance in style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies. The children designed their own sapeur outfit, using very vibrant patterns and colour block colours.

The year five and six children also rotated around 4 workshops. With Miss Rhys-Evans and Mr Kittoe they discovered 4 famous French singers and played a memory game, scanning QR codes and listening to extract of their songs. The children were taken on a tour of Paris in Peggoty class with Mr Bakas and Miss Worley, get on and off the “metro” and learning about famous landmarks of the French capitale. Next door with Mr Windle, children learnt about the origins of Bastille Day itself, through a board game, children learnt about “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” and the very unequal society which gave ground to the revolution. Last but certainly not least, children had a very fun workshop with Miss Jacobs learning about typical French regional food, reading the very clever story of “La grenouille a grande bouche”.

All children got to play Boules on the rooftop playground and enjoy a delicious French lunch!

Merci tout le monde!

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Trotwood Class Assembly!

Trotwood have been learning about the farm .
The children enjoyed retelling the story of Farmer Duck so much they decided to base their assembly on a retelling of the story. The children were confident to sing, act out and share some knowledge about making butter. Thank you to all the parents for getting involved in the churning of butter. It tasted delicious and only took ten minutes to make.

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