Great Expectations lead to Great Outcomes!

The league tables for England were published in December 2017.

We did exceptionally well with attainment at both the expected standard and the ‘higher standard’ in English and Maths in key stage two tests. Progress for pupils was also strong with outstanding progress in writing and maths.

81% of children attained the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 61%

35% of children attained the higher standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 9%

Our strong performance at the higher level places us in the top 100 schools for attainment at the higher standard. The strongest combined attainment nationally in any school was 39% at this higher level.

We are also the highest performing school in Southwark for maths overall ( using the average score across all children). In fact, across England, there are only 16 schools with a higher overall average performance for maths than us (when combining performance.  

Here are the government league tables which can be filtered to help you compare schools in Southwark and beyond.

Compare School Performance League tables 

To search for Charles Dickens performance at the higher level, select the filters ‘overall performance’ and %of pupils achieving at the higher standards or ‘average score’ in maths. 


Health Warning! 
As with all statistics, comparing very different schools isn’t always helpful. Many of the schools in the top 50 are very small schools with less than 15 pupils in year 6 or they are schools with very different intakes to ours. 

It is also worth remembering that learning progress is equally, if not more important, and some schools have stronger progress outcomes but less impressive attainment because pupils have had lower starting points at the end of key stage one. The ideal combination is great progress and attainment ( again far harder from a lower start or if the children have additional needs ).Our year 6 group of pupils last year were unusual in that over 50% had an additional need such as dyslexia, social skills or other learning difficulties to overcome! 

A Celebration of Music

The opportunities to learn a musical instrument afforded to the children at Charles Dickens Primary School are second to none. Today some of the children showed exactly what can be done with the help of excellent tuition, practice and a positive attitude. The whole school was treated to a moving violin recital followed by a splendid ensemble guitar performance. Incredibly, many of the musicians have only been learning since the start of the school year, and some only started playing their instrument in January! Congratulations to the children involved and a massive thank you to our wonderful music teachers.

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Happy St. George’s Day!

The children of Charles Dickens Primary School were treated to a highly entertaining re-telling of the tale of St. George and the dragon yesterday! The children learnt about the history and origins of St. George and why he is the patron saint of England. The children in Reception even baked some St. George’s Day biscuits for the wonderful performers who visited the school!

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Making French friends, enjoying the sea and some French freedom!

Yet another lovely, action-packed day in sunny Hardelot! We started our day in the Le Touquet market where the children purchased a dazzling array of trinkets (and perhaps a few French sweets…).

We then came back to the centre for a delicious picnic lunch in the sun before heading to meet our penpals at the Condette school. There were wonderful cross-cultural conversations, lovely songs and some very fun games.

Next stop: the beach! We were able to enjoy the glorious sunshine with some paddling, sandcastles and beach games. The children loved being by the sea and freezing their toes in the water.

We returned home sun-kissed and happy for another delicious three-course meal and some play in the woods. The children are now sound asleep after another brilliant day. They can’t wait to tell their families about their adventures tomorrow.

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Ocean Literacy – Learning about our Commonwealth Oceans on RV Endeavour – free teaching resources available!


This week, pupils from year 6 have taught by the scientists and crew of RV Endeavor and they learnt an unbelievable amount about oceans and the life within them.

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As part of Commonwealth Week, we were invited on board RV Endeavor, the ocean-going fisheries research vessel which is operated by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas).

They learnt just that as human populations increase and the negative effects on the marine environment also increase, never has there been a more crucial time for society to understand the science of our oceans. This knowledge and understanding of our ocean can be termed ’ocean literacy’.

In just two days, they learnt how the ocean and life in the ocean shape the features of Earth and the weather experienced. Pupils also learnt about the diversity of life within the oceans including the Carribean Spiny Lobster ( our favourite).

Most importantly, we learnt that oceans and humans are inextricably linked and there is so much more we can do to protect these amazing and enormous parts of our world!

There are fantastic new teaching resources available for all schools on the TES here

Thank you to everyone at CEFAS for such a brilliant experience.


Corn dollies, bread making and French conversation – the first day for Year 5s in France.

What a fun and a sunny first day we’ve had in France! After a heroically early start, we plunged beneath the Channel with great excitement. Before we knew it, we were in belle France.

Our first stop was a wheat farm where we made delicious bread and learnt to weave corn in the traditional way. We had a fabulous crepe lunch (savoury for the main and sweet for dessert!) and enjoyed the fabulous sunshine.

After that, we settled into the Hardelot Centre. This involved the children making their own beds – quite a feat for some! This was followed by a wonderful three-course dinner before playtime in the woods.

The children are now listening to a riveting Mr Huxley story time and will be heading to bed shortly.

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Easter Parade

The children of Charles Dickens Primary filled the school with vibrancy and joy today thanks to their beautiful homemade Easter hats! Children from Reception up to Year 6 took part in a parade showcasing their creations. Prizes were given for the children who had put the most effort into their bonnets. Congratulations to all of the children and enjoy the holidays!

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Celebrating Creative Arts

The school community came together yesterday evening to celebrate the powerful creative learning that is taking place throughout Charles Dickens Primary. Key Stage 2 treated the school to a highly impressive dance performance. The middle floor of the school became an exhibition space for some of the stunning artwork the children have created this term. And the top hall of the school showcased the musical talents of the children. The new hall also showcased work relating to the centenary of Women’s suffrage in the UK. The school community raised £300 with a cake sale! A huge thank you to everyone involved.

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Barkis Class Assembly

This Thursday Barkis Class performed a highly educational, not to mention rhythmic, assembly. The children explained how to spot, name and simplify fractions all through the medium of drumming. The power of cross-curricular learning is embraced throughout Charles Dickens Primary, and this was a splendid example of the way subjects can combine to produce memorable learning. A massive well done to the children in Barkis Class and a big thank you to Mr Young, Miss Whitlock and Miss Harris for their hard work.

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Mercato Metropolitano cookery workshops

Charles Dickens Primary School is partnering with Mercato Metropolitano, the community market in Elephant and Castle, who will be giving free cookery classes to all children from Reception to Year 6. The classes will teach the children how to prepare simple, nutritious dishes, provide cookery skills and help grow confidence in the kitchen. The classes have already started with years 2,3 and 4 and will be running through to the summer term.

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These classes have been a huge success so far with children excitedly trying new foods, learning about the difference between shop bought sauce and sauce cooked from scratch, even staff members are now regularly making pasta at home using the recipe they learned.
Children were all awarded a certificate of participation with a recipe on the back.

Mercato Metropolitano would like to hear from parents. Please complete the survey so we can continue to benefit from this partnership: