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    Letter from the Co-Chairs of Governors


    We are the Co-Chairs of the Governing body. Claire was previously the Chair of Governors and this new job-share brings even greater capacity to the leadership of the school.

    For many years our school has provided a rich, creative curriculum, with excellent teaching supporting outstanding academic results. We want to carry on doing this, not only at our physically-enlarged school but also by continuing to work with other Southwark schools. We also want to become a leader in pastoral support for our children, bringing in the very latest expert thinking on mental health and on how to create a happy learning environment. And above everything, we value our diverse school community and the way parents and teachers work together to create caring and responsible global citizens.

    If you would like to contact us, please email the school office or leave a note at school marked ‘for the attention of the Chair of Governors’.

    Claire Maugham and Rebecca Kaloo


    Who are our governors?

    The governing body of Charles Dickens Primary School is composed in the following way:

    • Authority/Co-opted governors – appointed by governors
    • Parent governors – elected by Parents
    • Foundation (Partnership) governors – appointed by governers following nominations from the parent body (in the first instance)
    • Staff governors – elected by Staff
    • Headteacher – ex officio by virtue of their office

    Committee Membership List

    List of current governors and vacancies

    Committee meeting attendance

    Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2018/19

    Register of business interests 2018/19

    Claire Maugham (Co-Chair of Governors)

    Claire Maugham

    Co-Chair of Governors

    Start date: 11th December 2019

    End date: 10th December 2023

    Committee membership: Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Standards

    Claire is Co-Chair of Governors and has been on the governing body since 2012. She works in corporate affairs for a major UK employer, and has senior experience in the charity sector and the civil service. She has three children, two of whom currently attend Charles Dickens.

    Rebecca Kaloo (Co-Chair of Governors)

    Rebecca Kaloo

    Co-Chair of Governors

    Start date: 23rd November 2017

    End date: 22nd November 2021

    Committee membership: Resources, Curriculum and Standards.

    Rebecca is a learning and development specialist with a focus on designing and delivering business and finance learning solutions. Having qualified as a chartered accountant, she has spent the last 18 years working with multinationals to develop organisational and individual skills to improve business performance.

    Rebecca has been a Charles Dickens parent for many years and an active member of both the PTA and Parent Forum. She is keen to support the school as it expands to include more local children.

    Cassie Buchanan (Headteacher)

    Cassie Buchanan


    Start date: 8th December 2014

    Committee membership: Children, Families and Community, Curriculum and Standards, Resources

    Cassie joined Charles Dickens Primary School in 2007 and is the Headteacher.

    Cassie has led the school to ensure that outstanding levels of learning are achieved each year for all pupils. Cassie is responsible for whole school improvement and the performance management of all teachers. Cassie is married with three children.

    Emma Gleadhill (Co-opted Governor)

    Emma Gleadhill

    Co-opted Governor

    Start date: 25th March 2018

    End date: 24th March 2022

    Committee membership: Curriculum and Standards

    Emma is very proud to be serving as a community governor at the Charles Dickens School – a real beacon of excellence in the area she has lived in for over ten years. As a practicing teacher for over 17 years Emma has wide-ranging experience of secondary school life. She has been a Pastoral Deputy Head in a leading independent school for six years and followed this up with an MA in child development at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, a world-leading institution specialising in child and adolescent mental health.

    As the governor with responsibility for Safeguarding both at Charles Dickens and a secondary academy, Emma aims to support the school in best practice in the ways schools support children and families. As well as teaching part-time, she also works part-time as an education consultant, providing training to Heads of Year, teachers and School leaders on the emotional sides of school life.

    As the parent of a child in year 5, Emma is able to reflect with humour on how difficult it is to get it right all the time!

    Linda Taylor (Staff Governor)

    Linda Taylor

    Staff Governor

    Start date: 28th February 2018

    End date: 27th February 2022

    Committee membership: Resources

    Linda has been a Staff Support Governor for 5 years with commitments to health and safety within the school.

    Linda has been a member of staff at Charles Dickens Primary School since 1998. She is currently a higher level teaching assistant. She became the Staff Support Union Rep in 2006 and enjoys supporting the support staff at the school. She felt it would be a positive and challenging experience to become a part of the Governing Body at Charles Dickens Primary School. This has proved to be correct and she is enjoying supporting the school in its continuation to move forward.

    Matthew Harris (Partnership Governor)

    Matthew Harris

    Partnership Governor

    Start date: 8th December 2018

    End date: 7th December 2022

    Committee membership: Resources

    Matthew was invited to join the Governing Body in 2012 as he brings a wealth of legal expertise. Matthew is a solicitor at Waterfront Solicitors ( a local firm) where he specialises in Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution.

    Jemima Rhy-Evans (Deputy Headteacher)

    Jemima Rhys-Evans

    Associate Member

    Start date: 3rd March 2016

    End date: 2nd March 2020

    Academic – Deputy Headteacher at Charles Dickens Primary School, Director of the Charles Dickens Research School.

    Michael Eggleton (Deputy Headteacher)

    Michael Eggleton

    Associate Member

    Start date: 3rd March 2016

    End date: 2nd March 2020

    Pastoral – Deputy Headteacher at Charles Dickens Primary School

    Michael has been a teacher for over 10 years and has worked in schools both in London and Surrey. He has spent the last four years as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. His current role is that of Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral). His responsibilities include day to day running of the school and developing strategic aims alongside the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher (Academic). He ensures the school is inclusive and proactive in responding to individual children’s needs. Michael leads on the pastoral elements of the school, including pupil wellbeing. He leads this by ensuring that every child receives weekly lessons on positive mental health and access to additional support when required.

    Michael is married with two children. In his spare time, he enjoys running and sailing.

    Simon Gleadhill (Co-opted Governor)

    Simon Gleadhill

    Co-opted Governor

    Start date: 23rd November 2017
    End date: 22nd November 2021

    Committee membership: Resources

    Hello, I’m Simon and I’m serving as a co-opted Governor. I’ve lived in the area for over 15 years and I’m proud to be a parent at the school. I can see the great work that’s being done here, and I hope I can contribute to that by using my finance and accountancy skills to help with the work of the Resources Committee.

    Ran Holst (Parent Governor)

    Ran Holst

    Parent Governor

    Start date: 14th July 2017

    End date: 13th July 2021

    Parent Governor: Resource department & Children and Families Committee.

    Ran joined the Governor Body in July 2017 as a parent governor, having previously been an associate member. She is an EU citizen who has lived in the UK for over 20 years. As a parent of two children at the school, she is exceptionally grateful for our diverse and brilliant school, its powerful ethos and everything it achieves for its children and the wider community. 

    She is a trustee for the newly launched ‘Children Book Project’ that redistributes books to children. At school, she spent time every week in year 2016/17 as a reader helper. She is an active PTA member. 

    For 18 years Ran worked as Executive Producer and Head of Commercial Film Production. The role demanded significant communication, budgeting, flexibility and project management. She plans to use her skills to help the committees that she is attached to as well as further the work of the Governor Body.

    She is a big supporter of the important RULER work that has been implemented throughout the school. She aims to promote and support this work and further a shared language and openness about how to handle and understand feelings.

    Daniel Efunnuga (Parent Governor)

    Daniel Efunnuga

    Parent Governor

    Start date: 28th February 2017

    End date: 27th February 2021

    I’m pleased to be able to contribute as a parent governor within Charles Dickens where the children benefit from a vibrant academic and social experience. Currently, I form part of the Curriculum and Standards Committee and will bring my experience within Further Education and the Awarding Body sectors. Given today’s pace of change within the Department for Education, I hope to be able to offer the operational support that will help the school to thrive through this rapid change.

    Amir Eden  (Local Authority Governor)

    Amir Eden

    Local Authority Governor

    Start date: 11th March 2019

    End date: 10th March 2023

    Amir has lived all his life in the Bankside area of Southwark and is committed to encouraging active citizenship and sustainable community development. He currently serves as Executive Chair of Living Bankside, which provides a number of services to the district’s residents.

    Amir works with many community organisations across the borough and beyond, including Southwark Cathedral Education Centre, Southwark anti-knife crime forum and Southwark peace garden.

    He is also a governor for the Riverhill Federation in Southwark

    Ashe Misra

    Ashe Misra

    Partnership Governor

    Start date: 11th March 2019

    End date: 10th March 2023

    Partnership Governor: Resource Committee.

    The following governors have been in post in the last 12 months.

    • Shulamit Ambalu (Parent Governor) – 12/02/2015 – 11/02/2019
    • Miaomiao Yu (Parent Governor) – 14/12/2016 -
    • Laura Johnson – Vice Chair. 11/12/15-20/7/19
    • Ashe Misra – Partnership Governor – 11/03/19 – 26/03/20

    What do the Governors do?

    The governors have a strategic role supporting and challenging the headteacher. Governors work as a team, in the best interests of the children and the school, to raise educational standards. More specifically, they:

    • Appoint the headteacher, who has day to day responsibility for everything that happens in a school and is accountable to them
    • Agree how the school’s money is allocated
    • Agree policies about the way the governing body and the school work
    • Ensure new initiatives and guidelines from the Department for Education and the education authority are put in place

    The full governing body usually meets at least once a term in addition to meeting in smaller committees. Most of the governors’ work is done in committee meetings when financial, staffing, curriculum and premises issues are discussed in detail. These committees meet at least twice a term and more when there are pressing issues such as building works.

    Minutes of Governors’ Meeteings

    Governing Body Papers

    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Summer Term 2019
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors – Spring Term 2019
    Register of Business interests
    School Self Evaluation Summer 2018
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors – Autumn Term 2018
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Spring Term 2018
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Autumn Term 2017
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Summer Term 2017
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Spring Term 2017
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Summer Term 2016
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Spring Term 2016
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Autumn Term 2015
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Summer Term 2015
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Spring Term 2015
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Autumn Term 2014
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Summer Term 2014
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors Spring Term 2014
    Headteacher’s Report to Governors November 2013

    Governors Code of Conduct

    Governors Code of Conduct

    Instrument of Government

    Instrument of Government

    Governor’s Meeting Minutes

    Full Governing Body Minutes 11th March 2019
    Governor’s Strategy Day Meeting Minutes 12th September 2018
    Charles Dickens Primary School Governing Body Meeting Minutes 180717
    5th March 2018 CDPS – Extraordinary governing body meeting minutes
    5th March 2018 CDPS – Extraordinary governing body meeting minutes
    27th February 2018 – CDPS – Governing body meeting minutes
    Governors’ Meeting 23rd November 2017
    Governors’ Meeting 17th July 2017
    Governors’ Meeting 28th February 2017
    Governors’ Meeting 8th December 2016
    Governors’ Meeting 14th September 2016
    Governors’ Meeting 14th July 2016
    Governors’ Meeting 3rd March 2016
    Governors’ Meeting 10th December 2015
    Governors’ Strategy Meeting 19th October 2015
    Governors’ Strategy Meeting 18th September 2015
    Governors’ Meeting 2nd December 2014
    Governors’ Meeting 14th September 2014
    Governors’ Meeting 14th July 2014
    Governors’ Meeting 25th March 2014