I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike…

Our Year 5 and 6 cyclists are continuing with their training to be road safe. They’ve been focussing on balancing correctly whilst signalling, getting in to the correct lane when approaching junctions and wearing safety equipment to be seen and protect themselves. Maybe we will see one of them wearing a yellow jersey in the future?

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Cycling Proficiency

Today saw the first sessions for 30 cyclists in Years 5 and 6. They inspected their bikes with professionals, tested their skills in the playground and talked about safe cycling – including helmets and high visibility which they will wear when not on the playground. Over the four day course they will build up to go out on the streets and will culminate in being safe to cycle the streets of Southwark.

At Charles Dickens we support children (and adults) cycling to school and there are pods in both playgrounds to lock bikes up during the day.

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