Weekending on the farm!

Hello from everyone at Wickcourt farm!
After our belated departure from London, we wasted no time in getting stuck into all our farming activities. Friday evening saw lots of feeding of lambs and sheep. Lots of baby animals have been recently born at Wick Court so it is all hands on deck! It is a bit chilly but dry but all the children are too busy to notice the weather!

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Wick Court Farm – the week in full

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With apologies for the delay, Ms Alcock has – finally – got around to posting her photos from Wick Court Farm (Mrs Taylor’s photos appeared as the daily updates). We hope that you will enjoy looking back on and talking about the wonderful week that we spent at the farm in October. The children were a credit to our school and it was lovely to get to know them all even better!

Woodland crafts, den building and stuck in the mud!

Yesterday afternoon the group went on a very muddy walk – Ruby even managed to get stuck in the mud!

Today, our final day at Wick Court was very special. We built dens and tried out some woodland crafts and had a campfire. We are proper country folk now!

So excited about seeing everyone tomorrow!

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Bee Keeping, Birdwatching, Apple Collecting and Pizza Making

The children had ‘the most fun ever’ looking after the bees and collecting honey yesterday – this was apparently the ‘best thing they have every done’.
This was followed by a slightly less dramatic afternoon including collecting the fallen apples for making apple juice.

In the evening, everyone made their own pizzas and salads ( with some interesting topping combinations) and enjoyed a very well earned supper!

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Pig Weighing and Chicken Farming

Yesterday afternoon our intrepid farmers had a go a weighing pigs ready for market – weighing the pigs was easy but getting the pigs onto the scales using pig boards was altogether more challenging. We laughed ALOT!

Today we are visiting the nearby chicken farms in our chicken farmer outfits. The chickens are kept in open barns for their eggs and are very friendly. Some of the children became landing perches and lots more enjoyed holding the chickens. I wonder if Mrs Buchanan will mind if we bring a few back to live with us.

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Hello Jack, Cuckoo, Zulu and Hugo – Monday at Wick Court Farm

Today we have been feeding the pigs – all so friendly and some of them even stood up on their hind legs to say hello!
We also went to see the horses- Jack, Cuckoo, Zulu and Hugo – they are lovely! We helped Mrs Taylor lead them out in the fields for a two week holiday!
Less exciting but very important is the daily boot cleaning to ensure the farm animals and us stay well.

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Looking After Sheep – Sunday Morning at Wickcourt Farm

Another peaceful and easy night. Everyone is behaving extremely well and having a great time. This morning we looked after the sheep and although some of us were an bit unsure to begin with, we grew in confidence – sheep tickle your hand with their mouths when you feed them! We enjoyed feeding them along with the cows and a busy afternoon is planned.

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Did someone say apples ? Day 1 at Wickcourt

Are you looking for people who know about apples? Who can pick apples? Who an sort apples? Make pressed apple juice? Well you have come to the right place! We are pretty expert at this after a full day and we looked after all the animals as well.

A whole day outside and you wouldn’t recognise us with our pink cheeks! More photos on the way tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone.

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