Picasso Club Presents Planet Dickens – Our Festive Film

Imagine a world with no snow, how would you survive Christmas? Picasso club’s second short film with debut performances from Frank, Molly, Amina and Caitlin.
In Picasso Club this term we created a short film; making the scenes with a mixture of collage and drawings, wrote scripts for the characters and as a group created a storyboard for all the things we wanted to happen in the film.

Click here or on the image below to watch the film


Main characters ‘Bob’ and ‘Bryce’ want to build a ‘Planet Dickens’ an imaginary planet to find some snowman, as there is no snow they set of to travel to snow!

For the first time we tested out using a Green Screen, which is what is used in films to make the characters look like they are somewhere else, placing the characters in the backdrops we created.

We discussed how films can be art, looking at how camera angles can change the way we think about the story and all the ways that people work to make films look amazing.

Have a look at the art blog to find out more about art at Charles Dickens Primary School

Sharing Goodwill with Pinatas!

We have marked the festive season with very special pinatas. Each class has made a pinata which they then filled with glitter and more importantly messages of hope and friendship from other children in the school. Today every class enjoyed ( immensely) opening their pinata and receiving the gift of friendship from another child under a shower of sparkles.  Thank you to Mrs Jenkins, our head of art, for such a positive project!



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WHAT IS ART?! Year 5 at the Material Worlds Galleries

It’s not just the Year 5s in France who have been enjoying their learning. The rest of Year 5 visited the Material Worlds Galleries to investigate the question: What is Art?

We looked at Duchamp’s ‘The Fountain’ and had a heated debate. Teddy decided that if an object is designed and made, it must be art. Melanie suggested that anything made by an artist is art, whilst others disagreed completely!

What is art to you?

Art Week

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We are all rather sad that art week came to a close but we can all agree it was a great success. Photographs of some of the work are on the school blog and Sara is continuing to work on displaying the larger scale pieces around the school. As well as two hours of ‘fine’ art each day, the children took part in some fascinating collaborative projects. These included each class being assigned a box of Lego of a single colour – the children built models and these were displayed in the hall to reflect on whether the colour influenced the design. The children also each built a time boat of dreams – every tiny boat was gathered together to represent a fleet of hopes.

This week Sara is working on assembling a giant chandelier and we say goodbye to the secret garden wall, although the large scale mini beast pictures have escaped and can be found all over the school.

Thank you to Sara, Jaf, Lucille and Linda for the ideas, the passion and making it happen!

Art Week – creating the secret garden!

This week all the children are focusing on developing their art skills and spending some time reflecting on their creativity with a minimum of two hours of dedicated art lessons per day.

One of the exciting projects happening this week is the building of the secret garden. Children have built and are designing the walls of the garden as well as building giant sized mini beasts. Lets hope the chickens enjoy their new friends.

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Art Club Trip to the White Cube gallery

Just before breaking up for half term Mr Yusuf and the children in Art Club went on trip to the White Cube Gallery on Bermondsey Street to see a new exhibition by mixed media artist Christian Marclay. The exhibition has paintings, installations, sound works and video. We would recommend it! Here’s some pictures from the trip:

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The Big Dickens’ Draw

Thank you to everyone who joined us for The Big Dickens Draw on Wednesday. We were thrilled to see so many keen artists drawing with such big smiles on their faces and an unstoppable enthusiasm!

The noise was deafening in the middle hall with the buzz of drawing and building construction. The hall was bursting at the seams with children and adults all eager to find their road on the map and start building their houses out of recycled materials. We saw paddling pools, roof terraces, egg box trees in Mint Street park, your own homes complete with windows showing you inside, the Tate Modern and a very shiny Shard!

Downstairs in Artful Dodger, children couldn’t resist the chance to draw on the walls and a colourful and creative underwater landscape was created by our very talented children.

In our classrooms, children also enjoyed drawing to different types of music – from Katy Perry in Oliver class to Jazz Club in Nickleby, Rockabilly in Havisham to Reggae in Bumble! Ivan in Little Dorrit drew a fantastic picture to Katy Perry and said “This is me jumping, that’s how the music makes me feel” while children from Peggotty drew Texas cowboy shoot outs at dusk, inspired by the Rockabilly music.

Charles Dickens, your creativity and imaginations are incredible!

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