Democracy in Action – Voting in the new house captains!

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It has been democracy week here at Charles Dickens. The children have been learning about this important British Value through the democratic processes of voting for pupil representatives.

On Thursday the children split into their ‘houses’ for hustings and voting.

All the children belong to a school ‘house’ and these are ‘Lions’, ‘Unicorns’, ‘Dragons’ and ‘Falcons’. The children chose the house names themselves in 2009.

Each house listened to speeches from older children who wished to be House Captains. House Captains lead each house. They are responsible for organising and motivating their houses during inter-house competitions, collecting house points and making representations to the Staff leadership team on matters relating to sport and the arts.

After the hustings, all the children had the opportunity to choose their preferred girl and boy to represent their house in a secret ballot (except for those children who couldn’t read the names and here the teachers helped them find the names).

House Captains will be announced tomorrow

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