Wick Court Farm – All the pigs, all the apples and all the fun!

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We have arrived at Wick Court Farm on Friday afternoon. There is so much space for running and playing hide and seek! As you can see everyone has changed quickly into their farm clothes. The air is ridiculously fresh!

Today we have got stuck into looking after all the animals. Some natural farmers already emerging. We have been feeding pigs and horses and chickens. We have learnt how to make apple juice and collected lots of apples ( we might also have eaten a few). We have been preparing the soft fruit beds for the winter. We have been up since the crack of dawn and it has been non-stop action ever since. We shall definitely sleep soundly tonight!

One thought on “Wick Court Farm – All the pigs, all the apples and all the fun!

  1. Lovely to see the young farmers working hard for their dinners. Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth we all miss you here especially Maya who has refused to sleep along. I hope your having a great time there.

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