Spring Term Art Show – To Infinity and Beyond

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the end of spring term art show. Sara, our artist in residence, displayed work from year 5 and 6 and art clubs which really captured the successful partnership of developing art skills and giving children a real context for their art which in the case of Year 5/6 has been their topics of Space and then India. What was particularly wonderful about this term has been the embedding of sharing the works of artists with the children! I wonder if you can spot the Anish Kapoor influenced sculpture?

As always, the show had an interactive feel and all our attending families got busy designing and making 3D rockets and ‘space inspired’ objects for the inter-galactic landscape. Everyone also had the chance to choose select a company poster selling ‘space adventures’ to invest in – hence you will see the children’s posters are littered with ‘post-its’ on which are scribbled the promise of ‘millions’ of pounds – clearly you were very persuasive year 5 and 6! 

Thank you,  to the wonderful Sara Byers for all her time and energy in bringing the show together!

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