The Big Dickens’ Draw

Thank you to everyone who joined us for The Big Dickens Draw on Wednesday. We were thrilled to see so many keen artists drawing with such big smiles on their faces and an unstoppable enthusiasm!

The noise was deafening in the middle hall with the buzz of drawing and building construction. The hall was bursting at the seams with children and adults all eager to find their road on the map and start building their houses out of recycled materials. We saw paddling pools, roof terraces, egg box trees in Mint Street park, your own homes complete with windows showing you inside, the Tate Modern and a very shiny Shard!

Downstairs in Artful Dodger, children couldn’t resist the chance to draw on the walls and a colourful and creative underwater landscape was created by our very talented children.

In our classrooms, children also enjoyed drawing to different types of music – from Katy Perry in Oliver class to Jazz Club in Nickleby, Rockabilly in Havisham to Reggae in Bumble! Ivan in Little Dorrit drew a fantastic picture to Katy Perry and said “This is me jumping, that’s how the music makes me feel” while children from Peggotty drew Texas cowboy shoot outs at dusk, inspired by the Rockabilly music.

Charles Dickens, your creativity and imaginations are incredible!

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