Wraparound Care

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Nursery only – 8am to start of school day  £5  per session held in Nursery

Breakfast Club Reception to YR6 – 8am to start of school day £3  per session held in Bottom Hall

Breakfast will be served from 8am to 8:25am.

After School Club

After school Club Nursery and Reception runs from end of school day to 5:30pm – £12 per session held in Nursery and Reception.

Late Collection Policy

If you are late collecting your child from After School Club the following charges will be applied. After School Club (ASC) finishes promptly at 5:30pm and this is the latest allowed collection time.

If you need to contact us during After School Club, please use the After School Club phone: 07747702205. Please note this phone is turned off during the normal school day and only monitored during ASC hours.  Parents who arrive between 5:30pm and 5:45pm will be charged £5. For every additional minute after 5:45pm they will be charged £1 per minute. For example a parent who arrives at 5:40pm will be charged £5 whereas a parent who arrives at 5:50pm will be charged £10. The office clock will be used to determine cost. Late collection charges must be paid promptly.

If you are late collecting your child on 3 occasions you will forfeit your child’s place. If you are exceptionally late and we have not been able to contact you we have no alternative but to ring social services to come and collect your child. Please be assured that we will try every contact number to make sure your child is not put through this so please make sure that contact numbers are kept up date and are correct.  If your child no longer needs ASC or BC please send a letter/email to the office stating this with at least 2 weeks’ notice. Booked places need to be paid for even if your child does not attend. No child will be allowed to continue attending ASC/BC if there are fees outstanding for more than 2 weeks.

Please note: in order for your child to be allocated space at ASC you must agree to adhere to this late collection policy.

Monday to Friday TERM TIME ONLY (spaces are limited)

Booked places need to be paid for even if your child does not attend. Ad Hoc places need to be booked by 12pm and must be paid for at time of booking.

Book for Summer Term 2021 here

Booking link for Autumn Term 2021 will be here when available

After school Club for Year 1 to Year 6 is run by Treetops at Charles Dicken’s school and they can be contacted at www.treetopsclubs.co.uk  Email info@treetopsclubs.co.uk  Tel 01420525317.