The School Uniform is red and dark blue.

Girls and Boys:

  • Red sweatshirt*/school cardigan.
  • Dark blue skirt/trousers/pinafore (leggings are not allowed)
  • Dark blue shorts during the summer term
  • Red polo shirt* ( with or without school logo)
  • Red & White checked dress (summer uniform only)
  • Red/white/dark blue socks or tights
  • Black sensible shoes – buckle, lace-up or velcro
  • Tracksuit bottoms are permitted for children in the nursery but not from Reception upwards.

No other branding/logos are permitted on school clothing.

PE Kit:

  • Boys and Girls – plain white t-shirt*, dark blue tracksuit bottoms/shorts.
  • Trainers or Plimsolls.
  • White/dark blue socks.

Sweatshirts, polo shirts and PE kit can be purchased online from schooltrends.co.uk.