Modern Foreign Languages

At Charles Dickens children learn French. Our language lessons are taught using the Language Angels scheme. This acclaimed scheme enables all teachers to teach accurate spoken and written French. Through the use of film and audio clips, the scheme provides models of spoken French, ensuring children learn to pronounce words accurately.

Children begin their language journey with French in Reception. Younger children in the early years are taught French for 30 minutes per week, initially in smaller groups. Children in Year 3 upwards have one hour per week of French teaching.

By the time a child leaves Charles Dickens, they should be confident in speaking basic French in a variety of real-world contexts and writing simple French sentences.

Curriculum Enhancement

We believe in the importance of bringing a language to life by spending time in a country in which it is spoken and there is an optional language study visit to France in Year 5. Children spend three days in Northern France.

In school, daily lessons are also enhanced with a wide range of high-quality French picture books and graphic novels to be found in the school library.

We also offer children an extra-curricular Mandarin Club which takes place daily.


At Charles Dickens we have begun learning Latin and exploring classical culture in the final term of Year 6.

Set up as a language detective learning journey, our etymological approach supports the development of children’s English vocabulary. The grammar we cover supports the KS2 National Curriculum spelling and grammar requirements.

Latin also supports the learning of the romance languages, the advantages being twofold: consolidating children’s French learning and preparing them for KS3 where they will be learning an additional language.

We take a mastery approach which includes recapping and retrieval practice to build confidence and success.

The Latin curriculum also broadens children’s knowledge about classical culture, exploring history and myth, ensuring our children move to KS3 rich in cultural capital.


We have a Mandarin teacher at school giving children the opportunity to learn Mandarin in class and as an extra-curricular club. All pupils who are native French speakers receive additional Mandarin lessons.