Settling In

Nursery Settling In

On confirmation of your place, we will arrange for you to attend one of our welcome mornings – these are held in the July before your child starts in the September.

On the welcome morning, you will meet the headteacher, nursery staff and your child’s allocated key person. Your key person will ensure you have completed various forms including ordering uniform, applying for free school meals (where appropriate), local trip permission etc. This will also be an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s needs and routine.

Home Visits also take place in September. A member of the nursery team will visit you and your child at your home. This is a chance for us to meet you and your child in your home, which will support your child in settling into our nursery. It also allows your child to get to know the nursery staff in your home environment.

Settling In Plan

We want children to feel stimulated, safe and happy in the nursery and to feel really secure and comfortable with all staff.

It is a big step for children to begin a new nursery. It can take time for children to get used to new faces, surroundings and routines. We believe that a gradual introduction to the nursery works best and this gives you time to ask any questions and allows you and your child to feel settled in the nursery and to build a bond with the nursery staff.

The settling in plan will be:

  • Attending the nursery with your child for a few hours for the first few days
  • Introducing short periods of time away
  • from your child but where you stay in the building or close by
  • Increasing the time at the nursery including a meal
  • Leaving your child for a few hours, then half a day, then a full day.

The settling in plan typically lasts two weeks.