Behaviour Hub

Charles Dickens Primary School and Nursery is one of the first schools in the country to have been selected to lead the Department for Education’s new Behaviour Hubs project. The project, which started at the beginning of the summer term in 2021, aims to support 500 schools across the country that want to improve their behaviour and culture.

As a lead school, Charles Dickens Primary School and Nursery partner with other schools to form a collaborative hub, which involves working alongside schools to identify what improvements they wish to make, and support them in achieving and maintaining their vision through bespoke training, action planning and ongoing mentoring of school leaders.

Charles Dickens Primary School uses proactive and evidence-informed strategies to teach and support exceptional behaviour and is pleased to have this recognised in our most recent Ofsted report:

“Pupils behave very well. They are taught how to behave and regulate their emotions. In lessons, we saw pupils quickly responding to teachers’ instructions. They are enthusiastic about their learning.” Ofsted report September 2019

The Behaviour Hub is led by Michael Eggleton (Headteacher) and Emily Crowe (Deputy Teaching School Director)

To find out more information about the behaviour hub, please contact Emily Crowe at

To find out more about behaviour hubs visit the government behaviour hub page.