Charles Dickens Primary School is committed to educating its pupils about caring for and respecting the environment and developing responsible citizens who are able to make valuable decisions.

As part of our responsibility to the environment and as an Eco-School we aim:

  • To develop an awareness of environmental issues
  • To promote environmental issues and raise awareness among the wider school community
  • To become more sustainable in the school environment and reduce the environmental impact of the whole school
  • To link environmental issues in with the curriculum

Charles Dickens is proud to be an Eco-School and it was awarded its 7th Green Flag in February 2021.

The whole school works together to ensure the Eco-School principals are embedded in the daily life of the school and indeed in the whole school community. The staff ensure that work on the nine eco-schools topics is weaved creatively through the curriculum and the children are responsible for electing an Eco-councilors in their classroom. The Eco-councilors are then encouraged to act as an eco-role model to the rest of the school, to encourage recycling, reduce litter in the playground, eat healthily and conserve energy.

We also have a fantastic garden space which the children use to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables. The garden also plays home to the ‘Charles Dickens Forest School’ where children in Early Years have weekly sessions where they learn about the importance of nature and the changing seasons.