Expanding Horizons

We recognise the link between social mobility and aspirations. We carefully plan a spiralled approach to giving children new challenges and inspiring experiences that broaden their horizons and encourage fresh thinking about what the future might hold. 

Each year, we plan a minimum of three cultural experiences for children which include listening to live music, watching a live theatre production and visiting a place or event linked to their topic learning. We ensure over the course of a child’s journey with us, they will have spent happy days in many of London’s top cultural venues and that they have a rich cultural vocabulary and knowledge to prepare them extremely well for secondary education and beyond. 

In Years 5 and 6, we lead residential trips to France and Wick Court Farm, Gloucestershire respectively. Children benefit from managing their personal needs in a new setting and from experiencing an entirely new culture. 

In addition to school trips, we also host an annual aspiration day where we invite parents and members of the local community to come and talk about their careers and their education. There is always a wonderfully eclectic range of presentations and workshops for children to choose from and lots of inspiration shared along the way.