Nursery Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

  • Introduce group take home toys.
  • Sharing fruit & milk times.
  • Discuss and agree on class ethos.
  • Explore areas of the classroom and outdoor space in key worker groups.
  • Exploring feelings – create ‘How do you feel?’ class book. Discovering the things that make us unique.
  • End of term conferencing / reflection – what have I enjoyed / what do I want to get better at?

Speaking, Listening and Attention

  • Learning routines for circle times.
  • Name games.
  • Song and rhyme time.
  • Setting up role play areas.
  • Chat/sharing time in small groups.
  • Talking about feelings.

Physical Development

  • Encourage eating a variety of foods explaining importance of this. Singing ‘Washing hands’ song.
  • Daily gross motor activities (bikes, obstacle equipment etc). Daily fine motor activities, dough or plasticene or clay and construction sets.
  • Learning how to store / transport and look after class equipment safely.
  • Verbal support to help children dress undress independently. Montessori coat method.

Reading and Writing

  • Looking at the stories of Trish Cooke.
  • Create individual all about me books.
  • Introduce daily 5min phonics at lunch times once all children settled.
  • Include notebooks and clip boards in role play and other areas.
  • Opportunities to mark-make on a large scale both inside and outside.


  • Daily opportunities for counting / counting songs.
  • Number and shape hunts.
  • Numeral recognition games in group.
  • Shapes in art.
  • Create tally charts of our favourite foods.
  • Shape stories using tic tac boards and then paper.
  • Guess how many estimation game in group.

Creative Arts

  • ‘Wake up song’ / daily opportunities for songs (during circle times) and nursery rhymes (end of day sessions).
  • Exploring sound – playing and making instruments / body percussion / voice sounds (linked to Phase One phonics).
  • Exploring colour mixing using variety of media – paint, powder paint– linked to Autumn.
  • Observing colour in our environment – shades of colour / natural objects.
  • Learning about different artists each week.

Understanding of the World

  • Exploring powder paint mixing, making dough using senses.
  • Planting bulbs
  • Learning about Diwali (November 11-15)
  • Introduce chn to map of the world – languages we speak and link to map for All About Me display.
  • Encourage childrenn and parents to share languages they speak and songs they may know.

Reading: Please ensure your child brings their reading book everyday and you read as often as you can with them.

Assemblies and Shows: Trotwood: A Christmas Sing-a-Long – 5th December