Reception Curriculum

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Introduce Circle Time rules and routines (using family posters)
  • Exploring areas of the classroom and outdoor space in key worker groups
  • Naming feelings – create ‘Colour Monster’ wall display
  • Talking about the things that make us unique
  • End of term conferencing / reflection – what have I enjoyed / what do I want to get better at
  • Meet and greet with older children – prefects etc – point of contact during playtimes.

Speaking, Listening and Attention

  • Learning rules and routines for circle times – discussing posters
  • Introduce talk partners
  • Recap Phase One phonics – daily listening, rhyming, alliteration, blending and segmenting activities
  • Storytelling narratives using own bedrooms.
  • Phase 2 phonics

Physical Development

  • Learning about lunch time. How to make healthy choices.
  • Sing ‘Washing hands’ song
  • Daily gross motor activities (bikes, obstacle equipment etc)
  • Daily fine motor activities – out for children to access independently.
  • Learning how to store / transport and look after class equipment safely.
  • Introduction to gymnastics.

P.E. Times:

  • Little Dorrit: Tuesday
  • Gargery: Thursday

*(Remember to come to school in your P.E. kit on your P.E. day)

Reading and Writing

  • Introducing own journals to keep in tray.
  • Discuss favourite books / book day / talking about favourite books.
  • Daily rhymes / nursery rhymes / storytelling and reading opportunities.
  • Look for print / writing in our environment – environmental print display
  • Create a class book based on Brown Bear Brown Bear.
  • Listening – Polar Bear Polar Bear.
  • Tanka Tanka Skunk – rhythm and pattern.
  • Story Scribing based on children’s bedrooms.


  • Daily opportunities for counting / counting songs (1-5).
  • Introduce Abigail text (counting).
  • Introduce Maths Monkey – solving problems.
  • Look for numbers in our environment – number hunts / numbers of significant importance.

Understanding the World

  • Talking about what makes us special/unique (linked to daily circle times – family poster discussions)
  • Talking about religious festivals throughout the year: Islamic New
  • Year 12th September, Diwali 7th November, 3rd December
  • Hannukah Festival of lights, December Christmas Festivals.
  • Use class ICT –IWB, iPads.
  • Introduce children to map of the world – where are we from? Trace where children are from and link to map for All About Me display.
  • Talk about the seasons – changes in their environment.
  • Talk about being an author, an illustrator an artist (link to Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck when making bedrooms).

Creative Arts

  • Teach ‘Wake up song’ / daily opportunities for songs (during circle times) and nursery rhymes using feely bag (end of day sessions).
  • Dough disco- making our own videos.
  • Explore sound – playing and making instruments/body percussion/voice sounds (linked to Phase One phonics & Tanka Tanka Skunk).
  • Exploring colour mixing using variety of media – paint, powder paint, fabric (making dream catchers).
  • Exploring changes in colour – linked to Autumn.
  • Explore portraits – each child to create their own.
  • Focus on patterns using different colours.
  • Each child to use mixed media to make own bedroom.

Reading: Please ensure your child brings their reading book everyday and you read as often as you can with them.

Assemblies and Shows:
The Christmas Nativity – 5th December


  • Make sure your child has a spare set of clothes.
  • Children must not have laces on their shoes.