Dance is a core component of the creative arts and regularly features in whole-school and class performances. Throughout the year, all children will work with our resident dance teacher, Delene, who brings her expertise and experience as a practitioner for the Rambert Dance Company. At the end of a project with our resident dance teacher, the children stage a sharing event where we invite the school’s wider community to celebrate their success. Dance lessons with the dance teacher last for one term each year.

In addition to the contemporary dance lessons with Delene, children in year 2 and year 4 receive weekly Chinese Folk dancing lessons. This pilot scheme in partnership with London Southbank University’s Confuscious Institute allows children to apply their dance knowledge to a different context at two staged points during their primary education.

Dance is an important vehicle for expression. Children will explore necessary physical and movement skills but will also develop an overall language of dance and movement that is not only hugely enriching, it helps children develop confidence, nurtures creativity and imagination and helps to build and strengthen relationships.