Peggotty Class Assembly

Today the school had the pleasure of enjoying the first class assembly of the year. Peggotty class really delivered with a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and confidence. Parents and children were treated to a performance that involved Music, French, Humanities, P.E. and even Maths! Well done to everyone involved!

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David Bowie teaches calculation strategies

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Well done to Copperfield class this week for their entertaining and instructive class assembly. Two worlds collided when the pupils shared their recent exploration into the music of David Bowie with their learning on how to calculate the answers to the addition of two digit numbers. It was made simple by some brilliant solver- recorder lead by David Bowie and the Starman.

We also loved all the musical instruments the pupils made alongside their tangible enjoyment and sense of fun!

Maths at home – Maths for busy parents


We would like to share with you ‘Maths at home’ . It is a new resource launched by the London Grid for Learning  to provide quick and easy to understand videos on all maths topics and organised by year group. The video above is just one of many videos, and accompanying worksheets, produced to help parents

click on this link to open the site then choose the year group appropriate to your child’s needs.

Do you want to help your child to love Maths even more?

We have the exciting opportunity to hear Rob Eastaway deliver his entertaining, insightful and helpful talk on maths. His books and talks make maths real and fun and give helpful tips for getting children to understand and love this subject. Parents who either enjoy or are wary about maths will love his delivery and we know it will appeal to our children too.

The event is in the Greenwood Theatre (by Guy’s Hospital) and the £5 ticket gets one adult and one child entry. Tickets are available from the School Reception on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you for your continued support.

Maths Mystery

24 Maths tournament

Congratulations to our ‘Mathletes’ who represented the school at the Southwark 24 Tournament – coming 4th overall and narrowly missing out on qualifying for the finals. The Year 5 team did brilliantly – pitting their mental maths skills against competitors from across the borough.

How would you do? The fastest person to solve the answer 24 using all four numbers wins the points for that card and during the six round tournament we secured over 80 points!

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Happy World Pi Day

Today – the 3rd of March is World Pi Day and all over the world children and adults interested in Mathematics have celebrated this mathematical constant which starts 3.1415…. Ms Rhys-Evans wrote a special song – set to the tune of Joseph’s Coat from the musical – and the whole school sung Pi to 54 decimal places. Some of our older mathematicians had memorised Pi to 28 decimal places and treated us to an example of their skill.

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Primary Mathematics Challenge

Congratulations to the ten children who took part in the Primary Mathematics Challenge this year. This is a national competition which celebrates problem solving and combining complex mathematical ideas. The children all did brilliantly, using their mental maths and written annotations, to answer 25 questions in 45 minutes. Have a look at some examples of the questions from last year to see how challenging these children like their maths and can you solve the following question?

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Q: Kim writes all the counting numbers from 1 to 100 in order without leaving gaps:

123456789101112131415…       What is the 100th digit that Kim writes?

A: Please add them to the blog