Stars of the week!

Congratulations to our wonderful stars of the week! The children were selected by their teachers for their efforts both in and out of class. Our stars this week produced superb writing, excellent multiplication in Maths, and great performances in Christmas Show rehearsals to name just three. Also, well done to our friends of the week. You make the whole school proud.

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KS2 children, continue to work hard to win those reading certificates. Don’t forget a silver certificate wins you 25 house points and a gold certificate a whopping 50 house points!

Havisham Class Assembly

Congratulations to everyone in Havisham Class for delivering a highly entertaining assembly on the themes of perseverance, empathy and kindness. The children performed their lines with real confidence, sang with joy, and acted with panache. The audience were treated to a reworking of Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ and the children even displayed their beautiful artwork depicting acts of kindness they had experienced from classmates. Very well done to the children and to Miss Khan for a wonderful celebration of learning.

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Fezziwig Class Assembly!

Congratulations to everyone in Fezziwig Class for performing a stunning historical class assembly today. The theme was Sir Francis Drake and his circumnavigation of the globe. A big thank you to the parents for the fantastic costumes and well done to the children for learning their lines so quickly. Also a massive thank you to Miss Alcock for her hard work and wonderful script!

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Charles Dickens Eisteddfod 2017

It’s the time of year again when it’s time for the Eisteddfod! This year’s edition was yet another fantastic celebration of the artistic and creative talents our school has to offer. During our annual Eisteddfod, we witnessed amazing recitals, musical performances, songs, dances and a wide variety of homework competitions.


Well done to everyone who took part and a special well done to all of our prize winners! Make sure you enter lots of competitions next year so you’re in for a chance of a prize!


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The Barnaby Class Odyssey

Last week, Barnaby Class presented a wonderful assembly to the rest of the school. We all crammed ourselves into the amphitheater which was the top hall to watch a show!

Charles Dickens was under attack from a host of Greek monsters, sent to get revenge on the school by Ariadne and Calista (Amina and Olivia) but luckily Ms Buchanan (Riham) recruited a band of heroes to save the day. Just in time, Chronos (Joel) turned up to adjudicate a spelling bee and a shape quiz which decided the fate of the school.

A special mention must also go to Precious’s amazing Medusa outfit and to Toni’s cameo as little-known Greek beast Octodeath!

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Oliver COOL!

Today, we were treated to a wonderful production of the book ‘Gregory Cool’ by Caroline Binch. Oliver Class retold the story of a young city boy visiting his family in Tobago. At first, he really wasn’t keen on life in the Caribbean but after some exciting events he quickly grew to like the wildly different way of life.

Well done to everyone in Oliver, it certainly was exceptionally cool!

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