Winter Music Concert

Well done to all our musicians who took part in our winter concert! We had two nights of recitals covering a broad range of music styles and genres. It was amazing to see how much progress our musicians have made in such a short time. Students played with confidence and musicality but what really stood out was the level of enjoyment children took from playing and performing.

We are incredibly lucky to have such a strong and inspiring team of music teachers at school. A big thank you to Ms Ruinard, Uyen, Barney, Nathaniel, Wendy, Rebekka, Gilian and Johanna.

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A Viking Adventure!

Children from year 4 enjoyed an unforgettable school trip this week to the Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset to experience life as a viking! The children took part in a range of immersive educational activities including grinding flour and making bread, picking vegetables and chopping them into a stew, and making their own cheese and butter. And that was just in the morning! In the afternoon children made bricks from chalk, chopped wood, tended the vegetable garden and played viking games. The children lived and slept in a viking long house, enjoyed stories and songs around the fire and thoroughly enjoyed themselves from start to finish. The children will return to school next week full of inspiration and knowledge. Thank you to the children for behaving so well and to the adults who volunteered their time to make the trip possible.

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Butser Ancient Farm – Bringing History Alive!

On Tuesday, Year 3 set off bright and early for a day of living like Stone Age children at Butser Ancient Farm!  They did a range of exciting, hands-on activities – pottery, archaeology, fence building and ‘clunching’ (making clay bricks).  We learned that life in the Stone Age would have been hard work and very grubby…

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Vi nyder os som vikinger!

The second group arrived this morning at the Ancient Technology centre and have already had a busy day. They have learned how to start fires and manage the flames, harvesting the autumn crops and helped the farmers get ready for winter. Dinner is now cooking! We are having such a lot of fun whilst learning a lot about the day to day lives of Viking settlers in England.

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We are Vikings!

The first group of year 4 children have arrived at The Ancient Technology Centre and have had an excellent afternoon fully immersed in Viking life. They have prepared a historically authentic meal and completed many of the seasonal tasks Vikings did on a daily basis. They have learned that being a Viking is both physically hard and requires many skills. Lunch has never tasted so good!

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Nickleby Class Assembly!

Congratulations to Nickleby Class who performed a stand out assembly today on the theme of Ancient Egypt. The audience learnt all about mummification, hieroglyphics, the Battle of Kadesh, Egyptian Gods and the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb! Not only were we treated to a rendition of The Mummy Song but we actually got to see a real life (sort of) mummification! Well done to all the children involved and a huge thank you to Miss Jacobs, Miss Tyson and the parents who practiced lines with their children and provided such splendid costumes.

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Haunting cover of Radiohead’s Creep by a band from Year 2 & 5 !

Pupils from Year 2 and 5 performed their unique and haunting cover of Radiohead’s classic Creep for Eisteddfod, our annual festival of creativity. The band, calling themselves ‘White Glass’ were one of the musical acts that wowed our judging panel. We love the quality of this tiny voice and the terrific teamwork from our young vocalist and her big brother and friend. Well done. Enjoy everyone!

Eisteddfod 2018 – a celebration of culture and the arts!

Yesterday the whole school enjoyed a joyful celebration of culture and the arts, the annual Eisteddfod. A traditional Welsh talent contest, Eisteddfod has been embraced by Charles Dickens Primary School as a showcase for the many talents of the children and a celebration of diversity, achievement, and simply taking part. Competitions were held throughout the day including poetry, dance, singing, musical performances and so much more. Every child in the school came away entertained, and whilst not every child could win, those that took part left feeling proud of their achievements. It was truly a special day and a big thank you must go to all the staff involved, but an even bigger thank you to children who made it so wonderful!

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Making French friends, enjoying the sea and some French freedom!

Yet another lovely, action-packed day in sunny Hardelot! We started our day in the Le Touquet market where the children purchased a dazzling array of trinkets (and perhaps a few French sweets…).

We then came back to the centre for a delicious picnic lunch in the sun before heading to meet our penpals at the Condette school. There were wonderful cross-cultural conversations, lovely songs and some very fun games.

Next stop: the beach! We were able to enjoy the glorious sunshine with some paddling, sandcastles and beach games. The children loved being by the sea and freezing their toes in the water.

We returned home sun-kissed and happy for another delicious three-course meal and some play in the woods. The children are now sound asleep after another brilliant day. They can’t wait to tell their families about their adventures tomorrow.

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