Picasso Club Presents Planet Dickens – Our Festive Film

Imagine a world with no snow, how would you survive Christmas? Picasso club’s second short film with debut performances from Frank, Molly, Amina and Caitlin.
In Picasso Club this term we created a short film; making the scenes with a mixture of collage and drawings, wrote scripts for the characters and as a group created a storyboard for all the things we wanted to happen in the film.

Click here or on the image below to watch the film


Main characters ‘Bob’ and ‘Bryce’ want to build a ‘Planet Dickens’ an imaginary planet to find some snowman, as there is no snow they set of to travel to snow!

For the first time we tested out using a Green Screen, which is what is used in films to make the characters look like they are somewhere else, placing the characters in the backdrops we created.

We discussed how films can be art, looking at how camera angles can change the way we think about the story and all the ways that people work to make films look amazing.

Have a look at the art blog to find out more about art at Charles Dickens Primary School

Art Week – creating the secret garden!

This week all the children are focusing on developing their art skills and spending some time reflecting on their creativity with a minimum of two hours of dedicated art lessons per day.

One of the exciting projects happening this week is the building of the secret garden. Children have built and are designing the walls of the garden as well as building giant sized mini beasts. Lets hope the chickens enjoy their new friends.

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Its never too late for some Easter bonnet photos

On the last day of term, hundreds of pupils decorated their Easter Bonnets with a range of found and recycled materials. As promised, here are the many many photographs of everyone (who stood still long enough to have their picture taken) in Key Stage 1 and Early Years- we hope we haven’t missed anyone out?

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Welcome to your Awesome Robot.

Year 1 have been inspired by the book they are studying in to designing and building their own robots. I’m sure you will agree, they have used their paired work and design skills (especially the technical dials) brilliantly. We can’t wait to read their instructions. Enjoy these photos of the awesome robots taking over Lant Street!

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