Unicef Day for Change

The children, staff, parents and carers of Charles Dickens Primary School came together last Friday to celebrate Unicef Day for Change and to raise money for children in danger throughout the world. Children donated money to wear blue clothing or their favourite sports kit to school. They took part in football and other sporting activities throughout the day, along with activities to raise awareness of Unicef’s commitment to protecting children and promoting their rights. After school, parents and carers helped children to sell cakes, books and toys to raise even more money for the charity. Finally a huge crowd of children, teachers, parents and carers descended on Mint Street park to watch the annual parents vs teachers football match. Despite a valiant effort by the parents team, for the first time in five years, the teachers actually won!  A massive thank you to everyone who went out of their way to make the day such a success, and a huge thank you to Mr Vanson for organising the day so efficiently.

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Friendship Week – Big friend, little friend!

Today, as part of our annual Friendship Week every child in the school partnered up with an older/younger child to take part in ‘big friend, little friend’. Children from Year 6 partnered up with Year 2, Year 5 visited Year 1, Year 4 partnered with Nursery children, and Year 3 went to Reception.

The children worked on a range of activities from writing stories about friendship to reading together, making friendship bracelets to playing board games. The children found the experience engaging, educational and socially enriching.

Teachers throughout the school have also been celebrating friendship week by leaving gifts, cards and generally being extra-supportive of their ‘secret friends’, drawn from a ballot. The message, for both adults and children, is that we can and should always try to do more to make the world a friendlier place.

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Fareshare advent!


On Wednesday we had a visit from Rachel from the charity Fareshare. She explained how Fareshare collect supermarket surplus and then distribute it to local charities to provide meals for vulnerable people. Some children from year six will be involved in making bread and soup to sell in Borough market using our garden produce. Money raised will be donated to Fareshare. Also, look out for our reverse advent calendar where children will be encouraged to bring in dry food in cans or packets to donate to Fareshare.
You can find out more about Fareshare here


Remembrance Day Assembly

Last week we had a beautiful whole-school assembly to mark remembrance day. We were lucky to hear (and watch) poems read in French and English by children and teachers alike. We also observed a two minute silence and sung a wonderful song led by Ms Rhys-Evans.

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On Tuesday, we had a great time stomping around our local area to raise money and awareness for the charity Health Poverty Action! Every pupil brought in £1 which will be used to support health related projects in less developed areas of the world – have a look at the photos ( a bit blurry but these stompers move fast!) for our stomping!

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The School Stomp is a sponsored walk for the whole school to raise money for the world’s poorest children to give them the essential health care and futures they deserve.

UNICEF Day for Change 2015

On Friday, we held our first Unicef Day for Change. The School Council organised a series of fundraising activities including a Football match( parents versus teachers), a non uniform day and a ‘FAIR fair’ to help change children’s lives. Pupils joined thousands of schools across the country by taking part to raise money to help Unicef protect millions of vulnerable children around the world.

In 2015, Day for Change is all about protecting children in emergencies. Whenever or wherever disaster strikes, Unicef responds rapidly to deliver life-saving food, medicine and water so children in danger get the help they need.

As part of ‘Day for Change’, all the pupils learnt about the lives of children in countries hit by natural disasters such as The Philippines and that our role as responsible members of society is to help others less fortunate than ourselves

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Charity Assembly

What charities do we know? Why do people give to charities? How do people give to charities?
These are some of the big questions we have started to explore as a school. Talk to your children about any charities which are close to your heart and about why people give to them. Some ideas that came up in assembly were to make others happy, to feel good about yourself and to make a difference to someone’s life.

How much is a pint of milk?

Do you know the cost of a pint of milk? A loaf of bread? A computer? A car? These are a few of the questions we have been asking children to help them understand how there are some things we need to buy everyday and some things we need to save up for. Year 6 followed up assembly looking at a savings and spending game in their maths lesson – important concepts one needs to understand as one grows up.

How do we bring money to school?

This week in the whole school assembly we looked at how to make sure money coming in to school ends up in the correct place. The children chose instructions including:

1. Put money in an envelope/bag.

2. Write name, surname and class on it.

3. Write the amount on the envelope to get a receipt.

photo 2

We also looked at what was special about £3.88. See if your child can explain it.