Reading Champions Awards Ceremony

On the 11th February we held our first Reading Champions Awards Ceremony.  Congratulations to all the Reading Champions who each received a special pin badge that they can now wear with pride!  Pupils were given the honour of becoming a Reading Champion if they demonstrated enthusiasm for reading both at school and at home.  To become a Reading Champion the pupils needed to read every day and needed to produce a wonderful reading journal.  It is a very special award and we are very proud of all of the winners.  If you see a Reading Champion, don’t forget to ask them for a book recommendation!




Reading Champions

Phillip Pullman, Tamara Macfarlane, Christopher Edge, Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo and Polly Dunbar are just some of the wonderful authors that we love here at Charles Dickens Primary School.  This year we are going to celebrate our love of reading with the launch of Reading champions.  Each half term (in KS1 and KS2), two children per class will be chosen as reading champions.

Here are some ideas about how to become a reading champion:

  • Read a range of different types of books
  • Keep reading journals up to date
  • Write book reviews for the class
  • Try out new authors

Pupils who become reading champion will be given 15 house points and a smart new badge to wear on their uniforms.  Reading champions will be given extra responsibilities in the school to help promote reading and they will be given a book to keep at the end of the year!

Children in Early Years will also have the opportunity to become reading champions, earn house points and gain badges.

Ask your teacher for further tips on good books to read and get reading!!