We Are A Top 100 School!

The league tables for England were published today. The Daily Telegraph have compiled a list of the top 1000 schools in the England and we are delighted to feature at number 78 out of 20,840 primary schools. 

We did exceptionally well with attainment at both the expected standard and the ‘higher standard’ in English and Maths in key stage two tests.

We were also delighted to be identified as the highest performing school in Southwark for children attaining the higher standard in reading, writing and maths and when combined with expected attainment. 

We are also the highest performing school in Southwark for maths overall. In fact, across England, there are only 16 schools with higher overall average performance for maths than us. 



Here are the government league tables which can be filtered to help you compare schools in Southwark and beyond.

Compare School Performance League tables 


Health Warning! 
As with all statistics, comparing very different schools isn’t always helpful. Many of the schools in the top 50 are very small schools with less than 15 pupils in year 6 or they are schools with very different intakes to ours. 

It is also worth remembering that learning progress is equally, if not more important and some schools have stronger progress outcomes but less impressive attainment because pupils have had lower starting points at the end of key stage one. The ideal combination is great progress and attainment ( again far harder from a lower start or if the children have additional needs ).Our year 6 group of pupils last year were unusual in that over 50% had an additional need such as dyslexia, social skills or other learning difficulties to overcome! 


Author Mini Grey Visits the School!

Last Friday the children were treated to a fabulous day of learning headed by renowned children’s author Mini Grey. Having authored and illustrated acclaimed titles such as ‘Traction Man is Here’, ‘Biscuit Bear’ and ‘The Pea and the Princess’, Mini decided to visit Charles Dickens to share her knowledge with the children. Mini entertained the whole school with a fabulous assembly and conducted writing workshops with Reception and Year 2 children throughout the afternoon. A massive thank you to her for visiting the school and also to Miss Jacobs for organising what was an unforgettable day of learning.

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Micawber Class assembly!

This Thursday Micawber Class performed a beautiful, poignant assembly on the theme of water. The children held the full attention of the audience as they explained how lucky we are to have access to running water, how we shouldn’t waste water, and how water gives life to our eco-system. Congratulations to the children for their confident performance and a big thank you to Miss Jalloh, Mrs McIver and Miss Guthrie for all their hard work that went into a spectacular assembly!

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Science Week

As part of science week, children in Years 3, 4 and 5 have taken part in biomedical science workshops called “Glow in the Dark Science”, organised by the Centre for Developmental Biology, King’s College London. In these workshops, children experienced the application of fluorescence-based techniques in modern biomedical sciences. The aim of this project is to close the gap between scientists and the general public by introducing school children to science in a playful manner.

We are very grateful for the team of biomedical scientists who inspired our young minds and providing them invaluable scientific skills.

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Partnership governor recruitment

Our Governing Body currently has a vacancy for a Partnership Governor. Parents of children currently attending Charles Dickens are not eligible for this post under our Constitution: but we’d love you to encourage your friends, neighbours and colleagues to apply.

Being a school governor is a privilege and a commitment. The role of the Governing Body is to provide support and challenge to the leaders of the school to ensure the best outcomes for our children – this is entrusted to all governors on behalf of the school community. The Governing Body sets strategy and targets, scrutinises the progress and attainment of pupils, approves the annual Budget, and is accountable for how the school spends its money including the Pupil Premium allocation intended to close gaps between children from low-income families and others.

Charles Dickens Primary School is a diverse, inclusive and high-achieving school which has been Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ since 2007. Creative arts play a central role in our rich curriculum, and we have been awarded the Arts Council’s Gold award three times. We have strong links with the local Southwark community via our work with a range of artistic and community organisations, including the Rambert Dance Company, the Globe Theatre, the Unicorn Theatre, and local businesses including Mercato Metropolitano and Borough Market. We are particularly keen to hear from candidates who are involved with an artistic or other local organisation.

Being a governor involves a commitment of time, based around three full GB meetings and further termly sub-committee meetings. Meetings usually take place in the late afternoon or early evening, although further meetings are occasionally arranged at other times of day to fit with governors’ schedules. Serving governors will tell you that it is more than simply this time, there is also an increasing expectation that you will want to, and will take time to, learn more about the school (both through reading and/or visiting us), and taking on additional tasks as needed.

The governing body especially welcome applications from parts of the community under-represented amongst school governors, including people who have not held non-executive posts before. To become a partnership governor, you do not have to already know the school in detail, nor are you expected to have previous experience as a governor or in education. Full training and support will be given. 

I have attached a list of essential and desirable skills sought at this time for our partnership governors. Please note that parents of children currently attending our school are not eligible to be Partnership Governors.

To apply, please send an email to chairofgovernors@charlesdickens.southwark.sch.uk by Friday 30 March telling us why you would like to be a governor at our School and what you would bring to the role. We will hold interviews with shortlisted candidates after the Easter holidays.

For more information about our School and governing body, including minutes of governors’ meetings and our School Improvement Plan, please visit our website at www.charlesdickens.southwark.sch.uk

If you would like an informal conversation before deciding to apply, please send a note to the same address and we will arrange to speak to you by phone.

Chuzzlewit Assembly – The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Congratulations to the children in Chuzzlewit for delivering a stellar assembly on Monday! The children retold the story of Philippe Petit, the daring acrobat who walked on a tightrope between the Twin Towers in 1970’s New York. The children delivered their lines with aplomb and sang beautifully! Well done to all the children in Chuzzlewit Class and a special thank you to Mr Vanson, Miss Jahan and Mr Leonard for all their hard work.

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Coffee Morning: Speech and Language

This morning, we hosted our third, monthly, coffee morning in the series of SEND sessions. Thank you to the many parents and carers who attended – we hope you found it useful.

The session looked at Speech and Language provision in the school, the assessment process and offered ideas and support for developing speech and language skills at home. Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Cannock or another member of our SEND team at the school if you have any questions or feedback about Speech and Language or any other SEND matters.

We are currently putting together the next term’s worth of coffee mornings. If you have any area of SEND you would like us, as a school, to focus on, please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you next time.

Mr Cannock

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