Aspiration Day

Today we held our annual Aspiration Day! We were lucky to spend the morning having many special guests visiting our classes to talk to us about their exciting careers. We found out about lots of different jobs that people have which we had no idea existed!

Thank you to everyone who came to Charles Dickens today, you made it a truly brilliant day!

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Explorer Club go BMX Bananas!

Yesterday, the year 2 and 3 explorer club went on a brilliant trip to the BMX track in Burgess Park! Several children turned up having never ridden a bike before and by the end, every child could be seen on the track, rolling up and down the (gigantic) slopes!

With the help of the our excellent instructor, we had an incredible time and I know we can’t wait to go again!

I want to give a special mention to Lewis who was our star rider – he lead by example and showed off his supreme skill!

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Year 5 Ramert performance!

On Thursday, Summerson class had a very special experience – dancing at the Royal Festival Hall! This was the culmination of six intense weeks working with Rambert Dance to prepare a piece inspired by Ghost Dances. Ghost Dances were choreographed by Christopher Bruce in 1981 to highlight political oppression in South America. The children were dancing the parts of the ‘ghosts’, representing the power of the state, taking away citizens’ rights and freedom. The dance moves were inspired by predators, particularly birds of prey. The children choreographed all the trio and partner work themselves.

It was a truly fantastic performance, with many people commenting on the children’s strength, timing and the menacing atmosphere they managed to create. We would like to thank Delene from Rambert who worked so hard to bring the piece together.

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Year 5 Jazz Workshop Project

On Friday, Year 5 put on the most spectacular Jazz performance. It was a culmination of an intense 5 day project working with the supremely talented Pete Letanka, learning about the fundamentals of music through Jazz. The children of Year 5, in such a short period of time learnt to play instruments, read music, write and sing songs! On the day of the performance, the children performed what they had been working on accompanied by a Pete and his band! It was a great experience and well done to everyone involved!

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