Great Expectations lead to Great Outcomes!

The league tables for England were published in December 2017.

We did exceptionally well with attainment at both the expected standard and the ‘higher standard’ in English and Maths in key stage two tests. Progress for pupils was also strong with outstanding progress in writing and maths.

81% of children attained the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 61%

35% of children attained the higher standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 9%

Our strong performance at the higher level places us in the top 100 schools for attainment at the higher standard. The strongest combined attainment nationally in any school was 39% at this higher level.

We are also the highest performing school in Southwark for maths overall ( using the average score across all children). In fact, across England, there are only 16 schools with a higher overall average performance for maths than us (when combining performance.  

Here are the government league tables which can be filtered to help you compare schools in Southwark and beyond.

Compare School Performance League tables 

To search for Charles Dickens performance at the higher level, select the filters ‘overall performance’ and %of pupils achieving at the higher standards or ‘average score’ in maths. 


Health Warning! 
As with all statistics, comparing very different schools isn’t always helpful. Many of the schools in the top 50 are very small schools with less than 15 pupils in year 6 or they are schools with very different intakes to ours. 

It is also worth remembering that learning progress is equally, if not more important, and some schools have stronger progress outcomes but less impressive attainment because pupils have had lower starting points at the end of key stage one. The ideal combination is great progress and attainment ( again far harder from a lower start or if the children have additional needs ).Our year 6 group of pupils last year were unusual in that over 50% had an additional need such as dyslexia, social skills or other learning difficulties to overcome! 

A trip to the London Tibetan Buddhist Centre

Children from Year 1 enjoyed an educational and insightful trip to the Kagyu Samye Dzong London Tibetan Buddhist Centre on Thursday. The children have been learning about the life and teachings of the Buddha and the importance of compassion in the modern world. Children were invited to take part in some secular meditation and proved to be adept at concentrating on their calm breathing. A big thank you to the centre for hosting the children and as always to the adults who volunteered to help on the trip.

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A very musical stars of the week assembly !

What better way to start a stars of the week assembly than with a performance from the school band? The musicality of the children is highly impressive and the whole school was entertained. Well done to them and to Mr Nathan for their performance.
This week’s Stars of the Week impressed their teachers with their impressive prose, their astute Maths, and their admirable perseverance. Our friends of the week showed kindness, compassion and lovely manners. The school is very proud of them. What will you do to be a star of the week next time?

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Joanna Nadin visits the school!

On Friday afternoon, children in Key Stage 2 were treated to a visit from the author of ‘The Incredible Billy Wild’, the incredible Joanna Nadin! The children have been loving her books, including ‘Joe All Alone’ and the ‘Penny Dreadful’ series. She ran some brilliant workshops in which she shared some amazing dog facts, insights into being an author and how we can all be incredible if we face our fears. We hope that Joanna will come back to visit us again next year!

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Copperfield Class Assembly!

Wednesday saw the turn of Copperfield class in Year 3 to perform a stunning assembly on the theme of Ancient Egypt. The class have been studying how Ancient Egyptian myths became important historical sources when finding out about Egyptian beliefs. The assembly addressed the Egyptian’s opinions of the gods and their belief in the ‘Duat’ or afterlife that symbolised life after death. The children performed with supreme confidence and sang what might be the song of the school year. Congratulations to Miss Spears for all her hard work and a massive well done to the children.

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Havisham Class Assembly!

Congratulations to Havisham Class for their splendid assembly on the theme of ‘The Mischievous Dragons’! Parents, carers and KS1 children were treated to an original tale of naughty dragons and George’s attempts to train them. The children sang two wonderful songs and acted superbly. A big thank you to Miss Khan and Miss Shafia for their hard work and Ms Gemmell and Mr Nathan for the super music. Also thank you to the Havisham parents and carers who worked so hard with their children practicing their lines.

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Soccer Aid 2018 – a Unicef day for change

Last Friday children throughout the school took part in a range of football-based activities to raise over £1000 for Unicef – the United Nations charity that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. Children donated money to come to school dressed in blue or sports clothes. The children worked on ball skills, stretches and a number of fun activities, before making way for a parents/carers vs. teachers football match. Unfortunately the parents won (again), but everyone involved enjoyed themselves immensely. A huge thank you to those who brought cakes for the after school cake sale and to those who bought the cakes! Also a very big thank you to Mr Vanson who organised the day so efficiently.

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Autism Support Coffee Morning

Thank you to Gemma Dunn and everyone who attended our coffee morning, this morning! It was an excellent opportunity to pick up some tips and ideas, share some strategies that work at home and to ask questions about other things we can do to support some of the difficulties with behaviour related to Autism.

Gemma has kindly shared with us the slideshow that she presented to us.  Click on the link below in this post to access them.

Autism Support Slides Available Here