Be the change you want to see in the world – Micawber Class Assembly

Well done to the pupils of Micawber class for their thought provoking assembly on the history of India and the role of Gandhi in leading its independence. Pupils did an excellent job of telling the life story of both country and Gandhi through drama including freeze frames. We learnt about the role that salt played in this tumultuous time and the close links to the history of the USA. Fascinating! Thank you Ms Alcock and the Micawber class adults for your support.

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Mapping the City

This week Year 5 visited the National Archive in Kew as part of their Borough and the River Thames topic. The children took part in a workshop named ‘Mapping the City’ which involved studying maps of London dating back to the Tudor period and noticing the great changes the city has undergone in the last 500 years. 

Studying the maps led to lots of discussion about how modern life is different from that of earlier time periods, and a debate about which time period would be the best to live in. After the trip, the classes walked back along the Thames to Borough Market, which gave them the opportunity to make comparisons between the maps they’d seen and the real, living London.

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Horrible Histories go back to 1914

Year 5 and 6 were treated to a fact filled performance by cast from The Horrible Histories. As the children sat down the simple props (a placard stating  ‘On the brink of War’ and khaki trench coats) set the scene for a creative learning experience. This term’s topic is Britain at War and the show talked the children through the stages of World War I, informed them of all the countries involved and worked up to talk about the impact on numbers of people who were injured, killed or missing in action. Despite such challenging content, the cast delivered it in a way that made it accessible and engaging. Thank you to our friends at The Ministry of Fun for organising this performance.

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