Peggotty Class Assembly – Who Was Charles Darwin?

Well done to Peggotty Class for writing, directing and staging a very accomplished class assembly which focused on the life and theories of scientist Charles Darwin.

Using all their skills and experience of drama, the class ensured that Darwin’s theory of evolution was accessible to all ages. We especially loved the differently adapted turtles, the careful and dramatic explanation of how Darwin managed to reconcile his faith with his scientific discoveries and the evolution song!

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Teddy Bear Hospital

Thank you to the volunteers from Kings Hospital, sorry I mean Teddy Bear Hospital, for running different stations for the patients children in Year 1 brought in. The Doctors helped the children understand about good health, body organs, cleanliness, hospital equipment and uniforms, the skeleton, healthy eating and dental care. Following their consultation, we are pleased to say that all the patients were back to full health by hometime!

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