Wick Court Farm – Did we mention the den building and the calves?

Obviously not at the same time but today our farmer have enjoyed looking after the calves at Wick Court Farm but also taking all those logs ( we gathered yesterday) into the woods and building our own dens. We used found materials and canvas sheeting from the farm to create weather proof dens with varying degrees of success. It was hugely satisfying to get into our dens and say ‘I made this!”. Some of us also got creative on a smaller scale made head dresses and clay forest people. We are what Mrs Buchanan would term as’in touch with nature’ – What an amazing day!

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Wick Court Farm – Logs and Birdwatching

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Here is what we have been getting up to over he last few days. Yesterday we went birdwatching ( Mr MacKinnon would be very proud) and collected logs for our task. We thought you might like to see us last night – all wrapped up and cosy, playing ‘parlour games’ before bed time. We can’t believe the week is nearly over!

Strawberries and a Dragon at Wick Court Farm

It isn’t all cows and horses here at Wick Court. Today a group of us had the important task of re-potting the strawberry plants ready for next year and working the composter – known here as the dragon and it is rather smelly!

Felix certainly enjoyed being in the charge of this cranky machine but apparently his favourite job so far as been ‘weighing pigs’. Mr Huxley will be pleased that Year 6 are using and applying their mathematical skills

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We love farming, even the early mornings!

Being a farmer means getting before the sun comes up in the autumn and winter. It means getting up and making sure all the animals are fed and happy before we get breakfast and we love it! Thomas is great at feeding the geese, Lady is a whizz at sorting out stables and pens, Nadia keeps the cows happy, Ramez is super efficient at finding all those eggs laid ‘everywhere’ and everyone loves feeding Archie the horse. The pigs are being loved with lots of attention. Mums and dads, you would be very proud of us!

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Weekending in the Countryside – Wick Court Farm!

We have had a busy weekend so far! We have developed our animal husbandry skills a little bit more and fallen in love with the horses. The eggs have been collected and the chickens fed. We have also exercised our arm muscles with apple pressing. The apple juice made here at Wick Court Farm is delicious!

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Welcoming our penpals from Eastington Primary School to Wick Court Farm.

What a busy day! Our children applied their new chicken rearing skills learnt yesterday at the chicken farm to the Wick Court chickens – our very brave children showed Mrs Taylor how to carry a chicken!

In the afternoon, we welcomed the pupils from Year 6 at Eastington Primary School , Gloucestershire, to Wick Court farm. This is the first time that Eastingston have visited us at the farm  – what a lovely afternoon with our penpals!

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