Trotwood Class Assembly

This Tuesday was the chance for Trotwood Class in the Nursery to perform their class assembly and they certainly delivered with a mixture of confidence, skill and charm. Each child not only remembered their lines to perfection but performed them with real conviction. The parents and carers in attendance were treated to an assembly about ‘super hero fruit and vegetables’ that included an original song and even an animation that the children had helped create. Congratulations to the children and a big thank you to all the parents and carers for the wonderful costumes. A special thank you to Mrs Harris, Mr Cannock, Miss Kyriacou, Miss Balderson and Mr Yusuf for all their hard work.

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Stars of the Week!

Congratulations to our wonderful stars of the week! These are the children who made their teachers and classmates proud with their professional attitude to work, their creativity, and their great manners. Our friend of the week was chosen by the lunchtime staff for her kindness towards other children. What will you do this week to become a star of the week?

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese Year of the Dog to all of the Charles Dickens Primary community. The children in Reception have been enjoying a special meal of Chinese noodles and getting to grips with chop sticks! Also a massive thank you to all of the parents, carers, teachers and children who helped raise money for the school today at our Chinese food market. An extra special thank you to the parents and carers who cooked and sold food.

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Peggotty Class Assembly – Mahatma Gandhi

Yesterday morning the children in Peggotty Class, Year 5 delivered a captivating assembly to the whole school based upon the story of Mahatma Gandhi and the the struggle for Indian independence. The children performed a beautiful dance, played a range of instruments, and re-told Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ story of ‘How the Camel Got His Hump’. Congratulations to the children in Peggotty Class and a big thank you to Miss Fahreeda and Miss McIver for their hard work.

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Friendship Week – Big friend, little friend!

Today, as part of our annual Friendship Week every child in the school partnered up with an older/younger child to take part in ‘big friend, little friend’. Children from Year 6 partnered up with Year 2, Year 5 visited Year 1, Year 4 partnered with Nursery children, and Year 3 went to Reception.

The children worked on a range of activities from writing stories about friendship to reading together, making friendship bracelets to playing board games. The children found the experience engaging, educational and socially enriching.

Teachers throughout the school have also been celebrating friendship week by leaving gifts, cards and generally being extra-supportive of their ‘secret friends’, drawn from a ballot. The message, for both adults and children, is that we can and should always try to do more to make the world a friendlier place.

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Little Dorrit Assembly – Traction Man is Here!

Today was the turn of Little Dorrit Class in Reception to charm the school with an action-packed class assembly, and they really delivered! The children sang and performed with tremendous verve, acting out the story of everyone’s favourite household superhero. As with all classes throughout the school, the children enjoy a diverse range of high-quality children’s literature and their love of Mini Grey’s modern classic was there for all to see. Congratulations to all the children in Little Dorrit and a massive thank you to Miss McHale, Miss Lambert, Miss Gemmell and Mr Nathan for all their hard work.

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The day the firefighters came to school!

Last Friday the firefighters came to visit us in the Early Years to tell us all about their work and show us all the equipment in their truck.

The children all had a chance to sit inside the truck and handle the branch which attaches to the hose.

Many interesting questions were asked and lots of information shared.

Mrs Kyriacou commented on how heavy the jacket and helmet were, Kit asked to see where the axes were kept, Elias couldn’t get enough of getting into the truck and fun was had all round. We all learned a great deal about how dangerous fire is and how firefighters have to wear very sophisticated fireproof clothing to protect them.

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The Gruffalo – Gargery Class Assembly

This week was the turn of Gargery Class from Reception to charm the school with a enchanting class assembly. The children sang, danced and remembered their lines to perfection to deliver the story of everyone’s favourite fictional beast! A massive well done to all the children and a big thank you to Miss Zandbergs, Miss Sopoti, Miss Gemmell and Miss Udogaranya for all their hard work.

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