Great Expectations lead to Great Outcomes!

The league tables for England were published in December 2017.

We did exceptionally well with attainment at both the expected standard and the ‘higher standard’ in English and Maths in key stage two tests. Progress for pupils was also strong with outstanding progress in writing and maths.

81% of children attained the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 61%

35% of children attained the higher standard in reading, writing and maths. The national average was 9%

Our strong performance at the higher level places us in the top 100 schools for attainment at the higher standard. The strongest combined attainment nationally in any school was 39% at this higher level.

We are also the highest performing school in Southwark for maths overall ( using the average score across all children). In fact, across England, there are only 16 schools with a higher overall average performance for maths than us (when combining performance.  

Here are the government league tables which can be filtered to help you compare schools in Southwark and beyond.

Compare School Performance League tables 

To search for Charles Dickens performance at the higher level, select the filters ‘overall performance’ and %of pupils achieving at the higher standards or ‘average score’ in maths. 


Health Warning! 
As with all statistics, comparing very different schools isn’t always helpful. Many of the schools in the top 50 are very small schools with less than 15 pupils in year 6 or they are schools with very different intakes to ours. 

It is also worth remembering that learning progress is equally, if not more important, and some schools have stronger progress outcomes but less impressive attainment because pupils have had lower starting points at the end of key stage one. The ideal combination is great progress and attainment ( again far harder from a lower start or if the children have additional needs ).Our year 6 group of pupils last year were unusual in that over 50% had an additional need such as dyslexia, social skills or other learning difficulties to overcome! 

Let the Wick Court Farm Wonderfulness commence!

We will be sharing photos (less blurry ones) over on instagram every day if you are a parent and you want to follow along with your child’s week – you can follow us there cdps_southwark or search for Charles Dickens Primary School.  We will add photos to the blog part way through next week.

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Young Marketeers!

The school garden produced a plethora of fruit and vegetables this year, so Ms Jamois and a number of school volunteers decided to visit Borough Market to sell the produce to raise money for Fareshare, the food redistribution charity. Along with a number of other local schools the children raised over £400! The children grew, harvested, took the produce to market, interacted with real customers, handled large quantities of money and made us very proud. We had a very complimentary email from a customer who bought a white beetroot. She had been very impressed at how knowledgeable the children were about the food they were selling. A big thank you to Ms Jamois and the parents and carers who volunteered for the trip. And a huge well done to the children!

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Fezziwig Class Assembly!

Fezziwig Class wowed the school this week with an assembly written entirely by themselves. The children took full responsibility for rehearsals, props, and costumes (with a little help from parents and carers) too. Their assembly celebrated their learning with a gymnastics display, a superbly acted excerpt of Oliver Twist, some stunning Maths work, and some mind-blowing science! Amongst other things, we learned how a lunar eclipse works, how to multiply 113 by 23, and how to ‘pick a pocket or two’ (as Fagin would say). Congratulations to the children for a confident, fascinating assembly and well done to team Year 6!

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Pickwick Class Assembly

Congratulations to Pickwick Class who wowed the school with an assembly based upon their wonderful trip to a Viking village earlier in the term. The children recounted the events of the trip, including making their own bread and cheese, chopping wood and making chalk bricks. They performed a delightful Viking song and generally charmed the school with their confident, vivacious performance. A huge well done to all of team Pickwick and a big thank you to parents and carers for helping children to practice their lines.

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Summerson Class Assembly

Congratulations to Summerson class in Year 6 who performed a delightful assembly inspired by the famous Charles Dickens novel ‘Oliver Twist’. The children acted with aplomb and performed a rousing number from the musical Oliver! Thank you to the parents and carers of the children for practicing lines and providing costumes. A huge thank you to team Year 6 for all their hard work and a massive well done to the children.

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National Poetry Day

The children were excited to celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday. Ms Jacobs and Mr Windle treated KS1 and KS2 to a special assembly all about poetry. Children were selected from each class to read out their ‘cinquain’ (a five line poem rich in imagery) that they had written about a memorable place earlier in the week. The school also collaborated on a mass recital of Robert Louis Stevenson’s rhythmic poem ‘From a Railway Carriage’. Half the school replicated the sounds of a train, while the other half performed the poem over the top. Finally, Mr Windle led a whole school poetry writing session! The children left inspired, entertained and just as little bit more poetic.

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International Sharing Day

The Charles Dickens School community celebrated their diversity as well as their sense of togetherness today with an ‘International Sharing Day’. Parents, carers and teachers cooked international dishes celebrating their heritage and raising money for the school in the process. A massive thank you to everyone who gave up their time to attend, to cook, to sell and to enjoy the food! A special thank you to Ms Gemmell for organising the event.

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