Looking After Sheep – Sunday Morning at Wickcourt Farm

Another peaceful and easy night. Everyone is behaving extremely well and having a great time. This morning we looked after the sheep and although some of us were an bit unsure to begin with, we grew in confidence – sheep tickle your hand with their mouths when you feed them! We enjoyed feeding them along with the cows and a busy afternoon is planned.

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2 thoughts on “Looking After Sheep – Sunday Morning at Wickcourt Farm

  1. Great seeing you all enjoying yourselves and looking after the animals on the farm.
    The apples looked good . Are you going to bring us back some fresh apple juice?
    Take care and enjoy the week ahead.

  2. Good morning to you all. You are all doing a fantastic job tenderly caring for the animals. Feeding them is so amazing but guys do not over feed them with too much love. Lol. Happy to see all these happy faces. Look after your selves guys. Love you all & God bless

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