Old Kent Road Tales (After Chaucer)

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Well done to children in Year 5 and 6 for their original productions this week. Following reading an
abridged version of the Canterbury Tales, children devised and wrote their own stories and plays
to bring the tales into 2016.

On Wednesday, our ‘Old Kent Road Tales’ project came to fruition! We welcomed a huge audience
of parents who came to see the plays the children had devised, scripted, designed and performed
themselves. Everyone was impressed by the children’s wild imaginations and by the way in which
the show came together with a musical score composed by the children and conducted by Pete

All of the children made important contributions to the plays but special mentions go to Hamza,
Lola, Ruby and Sofia who all conquered their nerves to give outstanding performances.
We would also like to thank the parents who generously provided after show refreshments – the
children loved being able to celebrate their successes with their families so many thanks for your

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