School Council Minutes – Lunches and the Elephant!

School Council Minutes  – Friday 7th October 2011

 School Councillors representing their classes meet fortnightly. They are focusing on how to make school lunches even more enjoyable by surveying their classmates on their favourite school lunch option. Classes shared their favourite meal and desert. The most popular main meals were:

  • Roast chicken (5)
  • Pizza (1)
  • Pasta (1)
  • Fish fingers (1)

The most popular puddings were:

  • Ice cream (4)
  • Cherry crumble (1)
  • Chocolate crumble and custard (1)
  • Jelly (1)

The School council met Ciron who is an architect working on the Elephant & Castle regeneration project. He described the scale of the project and showed school council the proposed map. School council gave their ideas on how the area could be improved.

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