UPDATED: The Third and Final Day in France!

For our last day, the children were extremely efficient and rapidly stripped their beds and packed their suitcases in order to have more time to play in the forest after breakfast. The exploration of the woods was the highlight of the day for many children! We had a lovely breakfast once again. This time, the special was pain au chocolat! We then set off to visit ‘Le chateau d’Hardelot’) the Hardelot castle and its grounds which were beautiful). The children were very interested to learn more about the complex relationships between France and England over the years, which were represented throughout the castle. Everyone also hugely enjoyed walking around the lake, spotting all kinds of fauna: we saw and heard A LOT of frogs! All of this under the beautiful sun. We got back on the coach heading towards Boulogne-sur-Mer for our picnic and treasure hunt in the fortified city. We ended the afternoon brilliantly with ice creams! Our super driver, Dave, managed to get us on an earlier shuttle and we even made back to school early!

Here are our special well dones for the trip:

Ayomikun for eating a whole chicken at the market and still eating his lunch after that!
Heba for being a great person to take on a trip, lovely and helpful at all times!
Jibriel for enthusiastically building a trench on the beach!
Lovera for being so positive and mature, especially at dinner times!
Zack for using his French skills and making French friends!
Lucas for being very helpful and lovely at all times and for great balance in the show!
Oliver for making new friends in Year 5!
Giulia for trying hard to speak as much French as possible! Fantastic effort!
Joseph M for persevering with the weaving!
Elisha for being a great friend!
Malachai for taking great care at his bread making!
Lola for great sharing with her friends!
Joseph S for using his French at the post office and organizing a football match!
Kehinde for great participation in the play!
Chloe for making such an effort with your penpal!
Ruby for great generosity at the market with her friends!
Ayomide for embracing the market culture!
Theo for superb manners at all times!
Phoenix for being so helpful!
Ashwin for beautiful manners at all times and great racing skills!
Leonie for making lots of French friends and being so enthusiastic about everything!
Rocco for showing great interest in anything related to the World War (our topic at the moment in year 5)!
Taiwo for moving past her fear and enjoying time at the beach!
Ajay for being so lovely and helpful, especially at dinner times!
Zahra for being brilliant at answering questions and volunteering!
Naliyah for confidently performing the splits for our play!
Amina for brilliant bread creation!
Elizabeth for kindness and showing great interest in all activities!
Johanna for being so enthusiastic at all times and fantastic weaving!
Mr Windle for such an engrossing and enjoyable bed time reading!
Miss Jacobs for being such a fabulous photographer an entertainer at all times!
Miss Lucile for such brilliant organisation, time keeping and leadership!
Mrs Mckay for making sure Dave the driver was fed and watered at all times!

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