Friendship Week

Friendship and the associated feelings of feeling happy, safe and part of a community are really important to us as Charles Dickens Primary School. We have a special week each year to celebrate the friendships that children cherish throughout the school and to bring to forefront of everyone’s mind how to be a good friend, how to make sure that everyone feels safe and happy around the school and what to do if you feel someone is not being a good friend.

A fun part of friendship week is ‘secret friend’ – everyone gets a secret friend in their class, someone they might not know that well and their task is to make that person feel really special all week without revealing themselves. Children make cards and gifts, write poems, say lovely things ‘out of the blue’ about their secret friend and make sure they have great playtimes.

Today all the children took part in ‘Big Friend, Little Friend’. This is a time when the older pupils in the school make time to be with our very youngest pupils, reading with them, talking, crafts, games and generally allowing those small children the chance to feel safe and secure around older children. Everyone really enjoys this event and we hope to build on its success.

Friendship week is still in full swing so there is more news on its way.

Special thanks to Miss Robertson for organising such a fun packed week.

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