Eisteddfod 2019!

Last week we celebrated a wonderful Eisteddfod. Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children in entering one of the competitions. Your children did spectacularly well with many performances on the day and during the week.

The quality of music performance and the number of musicians rose yet again so we held categories for each instrument including trumpet, flute, drums, guitar, electric guitar and piano. We also enjoyed wonderful group performances including a large Year 4 and 5 band and sibling duos. We hope we will soon be able to complete some high-quality recordings of the winning musicians for you to enjoy and there will be a large number of photographs coming up on the blog including our art, poetry and story writing winners.
Thank you to every family who helped their children wear clothing to represent their culture or heritage – it was our most international Eisteddfod to date and that also meant an amazing shared lunch for the children with food to sample from all over the world.
Thank you also to Mr Young and the dedicated staff team of Eisteddfod coaches and choir leaders for all their time in organising such a great day.

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