Briefing Meeting for volunteers – find out how you can help!

Briefing Meeting for volunteers – Tuesday 9.05am and Friday 3.45pm

Tuesday 20th 9.05am and Friday 23rd 3.45pm – the ground floor hall

Anyone who can volunteer to help us – we would love to see you for a few minutes at either of these meetings.

If you can help at a stall, setting up or clearing up afterwards.

If you can put a poster up or post some fliers to your neighbours.

If you can put raffle tickets in envelopes or help take money for raffle tickets.

We have some exciting things happening at the Frost Fair on the 1st Dec, but any ideas are always welcome!

We will have fliers and posters for you if you can find a good place to display them. We hope to see you then!

Find out more about the Frost Fair and the PTA here

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